A step too far

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With Aunty Kameela com­ing round for lunch soon, and angstyIm­ran due for an­other date with Brooke, Yazz and Mis­bah are both de­ter­mined to go to any lengths to make her fam­ily seem nor­mal. Yazz de­cides to drug Im­ran to keep him calm, but the med­i­ca­tion has run out, mean­ing she’ll have to come up with a con­vinc­ing ex­cuse for the phar­ma­cist if her plan is to suc­ceed. When Im­ran dis­cov­ers that Yazz has been drug­ging him, he loses his tem­per and punches her in the stom­ach, hard.

Breda senses some sex­ual ten­sion be­tween Mercedes and Sylver and de­cides to play cu­pid. She tells Mercedes that he con­fessed his love for her pri­vately, and when Mercedes hears this she is livid, but not en­tirely cold – could there be a fu­ture for the pair?

With Ant and Dee Dee re­fus­ing to go to school sep­a­rately, Ste de­cides to bring the school to them by teach­ing them in hospi­tal. How­ever, when the idea fails to win the kids over, Ste re­alises they need to nd Tony. Ste makes a video be­seech­ing Tony to re­turn and posts it on so­cial me­dia. He gets a re­sponse from some­one who claims to be Tony and ar­ranges a meet­ing with them.

Aren’t fam­ily meals sup­posed to be en­joy­able?

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