The man who cried wolf

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Frances has reached the point where she can no longer tol­er­ate Tadhg and con­sid­ers leav­ing to get away from him. She heads to Dublin for a job in­ter­view, but it re­mains to be seen whether she has what it takes to land the role. Tadhg, mean­while, won­ders where she could have gone. Will she leave for good? And will Tadhg gure out what she has been up to?

Cóilí Jackie feels in­creas­ingly para­noid that peo­ple are out to get him and con­sid­ers con­tact­ing the gar­daí for help. How­ever, he has been in touch with them too of­ten, in O’Shea’s opin­ion.

Mack is wor­ried about Dee’s preg­nancy, but feels un­der pres­sure to keep the news to him­self. Will he re­sist the urge to open up about his con­cerns?

John Joe’s a ec­tions for O’Shea are re­vealed, but it is not clear whether O’Shea feels the same way.

Frances is fed up with Tadhg

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