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Sagit­tar­ius Novem­ber 23 – De­cem­ber 21

Text: Mysagit­tar­iuS to 53307 *€ 0.60 Re­mem­ber, the rest of us are hu­man, so go easy. Count your bless­ings and stop look­ing for that pound of flesh. Vengeance, re­sent­ment and frus­tra­tion don’t suit your nor­mally re­fined tem­per­a­ment. Get out and about, where love will lift your spir­its. Keep your fiery feet firmly grounded, or your Achilles heel may be ex­posed and floor you. Be mind­ful of oth­ers and con­sider them first. Use re­verse psy­chol­ogy!

Aries March 21 – April 20

Text: Myaries to 53307 *€ 0.60

There is no point deny­ing the truth of a sit­u­a­tion, so pre­pare for a re­al­ity check. It’s all good. Stuff will come out in the wash as al­ways, but a clean slate and fresh vi­sion brings peace of mind. Don’t over­shoot, but reach for the stars. You can achieve great things in record time. Stop all the dither­ing over a big de­ci­sion. Be brave and make in­stinc­tive moves. You will, as al­ways, out­shine the com­pe­ti­tion. You need to sta­bilise your­self a bit at this stage. Cen­tre your in­ten­tions.

Tau­rus April 21 – May 21

Text: My­tau­rus to 53307 *€0.60

Many twists and turns are likely. Take cen­tre-stage for your finest per­for­mance. Your life is the stage and you are the lead ac­tor. De­sign a wicked out­come for your­self and ex­pect great things as you go about your busi­ness. No mat­ter how com­plex things get, you do have the an­swer. Pay at­ten­tion to your dreams if you have a big move to make. A love of­fer starts to make more sense. That blast from the past is go­ing to make more and more sense, as deep emo­tions stir once again.

Gem­ini May 22 – June 22

Text: Mygem­ini to 53307 *€0.60

Trust that syn­chronic­ity will play a part in guid­ing you to where you are meant to be. Be con­tent with what you have. If things are mov­ing slowly, you can be sure that there is good rea­son. Go af­ter what you want and ex­pect the best out­come. Think about your many bless­ings and don’t in­dulge neg­a­tive thoughts. Love will sur­prise you in mis­chievous ways. Good clean fun! You prob­a­bly talk for Ire­land and some­times you need to ex­er­cise the skill of si­lence.

Can­cer June 23 – July 23

Text: My­cancer to 53307 *€ 0.60

If you have been through the wringer, you will now ex­pect a re­prieve. Love and life look up and things are set to change in great ways. Some­times you in­spire jeal­ousy and com­pli­cated re­ac­tions in peo­ple. This is not de­lib­er­ate on your part. Is it? Be your­self and don’t pay too much at­ten­tion to peo­ple’s agen­das. Un­doubt­edly you are a sur­vivor; life has been tough enough, but pre­pare for more fun. Re­lax a lit­tle. You need to un­der­stand some­one else’s per­spec­tive or you will end up re­sent­ful for quite some time to come.


July 24 – Au­gust 23

Text: Myleo to 53307 *€ 0.60

Those who mat­ter know the truth; the rest you may ig­nore. Just make sure you are fo­cused now and have a good sense of where you are head­ing. Re­lax just a bit and let things oc­cur as they will. Des­tiny will seek you out; so sit back and sur­ren­der con­trol. Stop a way of be­ing that holds you back and make use of this stretch to ditch de­struc­tive pat­terns. Love will keep you guess­ing: a good thing! You love to be the cen­tre of things, but you need to stop stir­ring the pot.


Au­gust 24 – Septem­ber 23

Text: Myvirgo to 53307 *€ 0.60

You have the op­ti­mal chance to ring a few changes; just don’t forge ahead too quickly. Slow and easy wins the race. Your re­sults will be for­mi­da­ble. Ro­mance looks per­plex­ing but ex­cit­ing. If you are in­clined in a cer­tain di­rec­tion, take a raincheck un­til you are sure. One false move at this point and you could undo years of good work, per­son­ally or pro­fes­sion­ally. You know you must rely on your own sound judge­ment. This is you stand­ing up for your­self.

Li­bra Septem­ber 24 – Oc­to­ber 23

Text: Myli­bra to 53307 *€ 0.60

It is a con­fus­ing time, but you don’t need to buy into a load of old non­sense. Don’t play the game some­one has set up. Love needs to re­main spon­ta­neous and clear-cut. Stand up for what you know is right for you. The im­por­tant folk in your life will re­spect your de­ci­sions and un­der­stand, but don’t be hasty in busi­ness. Re­flect and sit with it for a while. Fi­nan­cial folly is al­ways in­ad­vis­able. You need to stop clutch­ing at straws. The past is the past and you need to move on.

Scor­pio Oc­to­ber 24 – Novem­ber 22

Text: Myscor­pio to 53307 *€0.60

All the charm and charisma you have at your dis­posal may just re­trieve a sit­u­a­tion. Think quickly and act on im­pulse. If not, some­thing or some­one spe­cial may slip through your fin­gers. Mars ac­tion fires you up and you are likely to snap if some­one pushes you too far. Take care to pre­serve what re­ally counts. Don’t fret about the rest and don’t re­duce your stan­dards. There is ab­so­lutely no point in set­tling for sec­ond best.

Capri­corn De­cem­ber 22 – Jan­uary 20

Text: My­capri­corn to 53307 *€ 0.60

Fly­ing high is all very well, but re­al­ity will bite if you go too far. Keep cool in ad­ver­sity. If you hold onto your goals and smile sweetly, gos­sip will not af­fect you. Peo­ple can be quick to point the fin­ger, but stay cool and ig­nore all the non­sense. Main­tain bal­ance and be ra­tio­nal about what you have al­ready achieved. Great things lie ahead, so trust the process. Love is all set to chal­lenge you in good ways. It is time to be less cau­tious. Dig deep to ac­cess the best of what life has to of­fer.

Aquar­ius Jan­uary 21 – Fe­bru­ary 19

Text: Myaquar­ius to 53307 *€ 0.60

Plans may in­deed change, but you will ul­ti­mately be very pleased with what hap­pens. Noth­ing is set in stone, and you won’t nec­es­sar­ily be able to pin things down in busi­ness any time soon. If your vi­sion is foggy, wait for the air to clear. Hold back if in doubt. You need to trust your hunches and not force is­sues, es­pe­cially not in love! Tread lightly and the right course of ac­tion will be­come ap­par­ent.

Pisces Fe­bru­ary 20 – March 20

Text: Myp­isces to 53307 *€ 0.60

Weather a rather re­lent­less is­sue that won’t go away. Don’t be per­suaded against your bet­ter judge­ment. Con­sider that the fu­ture may take you down a dif­fer­ent track to the one laid out for you. This may give rise to panic deep within, but if you think about it, what is hap­pen­ing does make some sense. Events will be en­joy­able, so ride the roller­coaster to an un­fore­seen des­ti­na­tion. Be braver about the fu­ture and mak­ing the pro­found changes that need to hap­pen.

Damien Rice, De­cem­ber 7, 1973

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