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Green­ery is so much more than a way to breathe some life into a dull liv­ing room. Did you know that plants have a proven ef­fect on your mood and well­be­ing in your home? Stud­ies have shown that plants can be stress re­duc­ing and make us feel hap­pier, which is just what we all need in Jan­uary. Also given the tem­per­a­ture, we can be rather re­luc­tant to crack the win­dows open wide just yet. This is why house­plants also per­form an im­por­tant func­tion of spruc­ing up the air qual­ity in a room, ab­sorb­ing pol­lu­tants and act­ing as a nat­u­ral hu­mid­i­fier as they re­lease mois­ture from their leaves. A free-stand­ing planter can hold a num­ber of plant pots, and can act as a room di­vider in your liv­ing room. A three- or four-legged stand will el­e­vate your pots from the floor or a sur­face top, es­pe­cially good if you choose plants that trail or creep down over the edge. Stands of dif­fer­ent heights will make your plants an in­ter­est­ing fo­cal point in a room. Con­tinue the theme, and com­ple­ment your plants with prints of palm or fern leaves on soft fur­nish­ings like cush­ions or wall­pa­per.

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