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Cain has no idea the trou­ble that awaits when the Din­gle women de­cide it’s time to deal with him. Char­ity is nom­i­nated to con­front him about his re­cent be­hav­iour and heads to the farm to get to the bot­tom of things. Once there, she finds the house in a shock­ing state, and Cain is no bet­ter. She de­mands to know what’s go­ing on with him, and he’s co-op­er­a­tive - but it soon be­comes clear that he has mis­in­ter­preted her sig­nals. He gets overly amorous and leans in for a kiss, to Char­ity’s hor­ror, forc­ing her to fend off his ad­vances. Worse still, Matty has recorded the whole en­counter. Char­ity pushes Matty out, wor­ried how Cain might re­act in his cur­rent state. The pair leave, but Char­ity is cer­tain this isn’t the end of it.

It’s not just Char­ity who is hurt by Cain’s ac­tions, as Moira re­turns to the farm and nds out what hap­pened. She feels con icted upon learn­ing the truth and leaves to clear her head, won­der­ing what fu­ture she and Cain may have to­gether. Aaron has a chat with her at the cricket pav­il­ion, and is shocked to hear what Moira has to say about Cain’s at­tempt to kiss Char­ity. Aaron’s glass-half-full per­spec­tive does lit­tle to cheer Moira up as she knows she has a di cult de­ci­sion ahead - one that she must make soon.

Moira and Char­ity may be the least of Cain’s wor­ries, how­ever, as Deb­bie is strug­gling to deal with the rev­e­la­tion about what her father did to Joe. Faith tries her best to com­fort Deb­bie, but she soon puts her foot in it. She tells Matty about what hap­pened to Joe, un­der the mis­con­cep­tion that he al­ready knew, and Matty is oored. He goes to con­front Cain, but feels it would be bet­ter to keep the truth un­der wraps. Over­whelmed by all this drama, Matty runs out, fol­lowed by a dis­traught Deb­bie, who feels like she has lost both Joe and her dad. She may be right, as the po­lice soon ar­rive. Mean­while, Bob is le with nowhere else to go when he is chucked out of the B&B. He sneak­ily o ers to close up the pub and man­ages to spend the night in the cel­lar. He’s al­most caught the next morn­ing, and has to nd a new place to lay his head the fol­low­ing night.

Else­where, Ja­cob is de­ter­mined to make things right with Liv and deletes Maya’s con­tact in­for­ma­tion, while Robert and Aaron search for Bella’s lost pet pig.

Cain has to deal with the Din­gle women

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