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Ste’s not happy when he nds out that Sinead stole Jonny’s wal­let and sees her go­ing through it. He tries to give it back, but she is still sus­pi­cious and tracks down Jonny’s step­dad Terry.

Jonny, mean­while, con­vinces Terry that Ste and Jonny are broth­ers. Terry asks to stay with Ste, who agrees. Ste thinks that Terry has re­formed, but he soon proves other­wise. No good deed goes un­pun­ished, and Terry asks Ste to bor­row money to get ready for an in­ter­view, but re­turns drunk. Ste is un­der­stand­ably up­set and kicks him out, but not be­fore Terry co­erces Ste into steal­ing TVs from The Bean.

Simone’s try­ing to mend her aching heart, but she’s hurt to hear that Leela was given a love let­ter by Louis. Breda ad­vises her to stop pin­ing over him. How­ever, Simone later over­hears Breda telling Leela that Simone still has feel­ings for Louis, send­ing her into a rage.

Mean­while, James is con icted over his feel­ings for Harry. But when the lat­ter goes on a date, James re­alises how much he loves Harry and goes to in­ter­rupt the ren­dez-vous.

Harry wants to try again with James

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