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hus­band and I are in our early for­ties. We’ve three young chil­dren — all un­der the age of eight. Dur­ing the re­ces­sion, we moved to a cheaper pri­vate health in­sur­ance plan. We’re now con­sid­er­ing up­grad­ing to a plan which cov­ers day-to-day med­i­cal ex­penses. Is there a plan which you’d rec­om­mend which pro­vides good cover for day-to-day med­i­cal ex­penses, as well as a good level of hos­pi­tal semi-pri­vate cover? We’re spend­ing about €3,000 a year on our cur­rent plan so I would like to keep the cost as close to this as pos­si­ble. Joanna, New­bridge, Co Kil­dare A good com­pre­hen­sive plan to cover pub­lic, pri­vate and cer­tain listed pro­ce­dures in the high­tech hos­pi­tals, as well as day-to-day ben­e­fits, will cost a min­i­mum of €1,100 per per­son. If you pay any less than this, it is likely to ex­clude some hos­pi­tals or not in­clude day-to-day cover. The bud­get you men­tioned will give you ac­cess to some of the best cor­po­rate schemes. These plans give su­pe­rior cover for hos­pi­tal cover and day-to-day ben­e­fits to other health plans avail­able on the mar­ket. Cor­po­rate plans are specif­i­cally de­signed for large com­pa­nies who pay for their employees’ health poli­cies. Legally, these plans must be made avail­able to any­one who asks for one, ir­re­spec­tive of oc­cu­pa­tion or em­ploy­ment sta­tus.

Here are some good cor­po­rate plans. VHI’S PMI 07 10 costs €1,188.15 per adult and €299.84 per child for the year. This plan has a once-off ex­cess (first part of a claim which you must pay your­self ) of €150 for overnight stays in pri­vate hos­pi­tals and a day case ex­cess of €50. Fur­ther­more, Level 1 fixed price car­diac pro­ce­dures and other spec­i­fied fixed price pro­ce­dures are fully cov­ered. Good day-to-day cover with 50pc back on GP and con­sul­tant vis­its is also in­cluded.

Laya Health­care’s ‘Sim­ply Con­nect’ plan costs €1,100 per adult and €275.26 per child for the year. It has a €150 ex­cess per claim on the first two overnight stays in a pri­vate hos­pi­tal, a €50 ex­cess on day cases, and it of­fers full car­diac and orthopaedic cover.

How­ever, there is a nightly short­fall for spec­i­fied fixed price pro­ce­dures in the high-tech hos­pi­tals. This plan has good day-to-day cover with 50pc back on GP and con­sul­tant vis­its and is sub­ject to an out­pa­tient limit of €500 per per­son (out­pa­tient cover is for hos­pi­tal treat­ment which doesn’t re­quire an overnight stay). ‘Sim­plic­ity’ Bar­bara Shee­han is health in­sur­ance ex­pert with health­in­sur­ance­help.ie While we will en­deav­our to place your ques­tions with the most ap­pro­pri­ate ex­pert for your query, this col­umn is not in­tended to re­place pro­fes­sional ad­vice.

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