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AM us­ing my Christ­mas bonus to up­grade my mo­bile phone. While do­ing my re­search and look­ing at dif­fer­ent types of phones, the shops are all try­ing to sell in­sur­ance too. Is gad­get in­sur­ance a good idea as I am al­ready spend­ing a lot of money on the phone? Tom, Co West­meath IF you are pay­ing out a lot of money for a new phone, buy­ing in­sur­ance to pro­tect your­self against fu­ture prob­lems seems like a smart move. How­ever, it’s im­por­tant to re­mem­ber that if the phone stops work­ing af­ter you buy it, you have statu­tory con­sumer rights — re­gard­less of whether you take out in­sur­ance on it. For ex­am­ple, if some­thing you buy turns out to have a fault, you are en­ti­tled to a re­pair, re­place­ment, re­duc­tion in the price, or a re­fund.

In­sur­ance can be quite ex­pen­sive when com­pared with the cost of a phone, so there are a few things to think about be­fore you sign up to any pol­icy. If you buy in­sur­ance from a shop, the shop as­sis­tant may be earn­ing com­mis­sion from the sale and so it is in their in­ter­est to con­vince you that you need the in­sur­ance.

If you are think­ing about tak­ing out gad­get in­sur­ance, ei­ther as part of your phone pack­age or a stand­alone pol­icy, check the ex­cesses and ex­clu­sions and weigh up how likely you are to lose or dam­age the phone and the over­all cost of in­sur­ing it ver­sus the cost of re­plac­ing it.

(Ex­cesses are the first part of a claim you must cover your­self. Ex­clu­sions are typ­i­cally types of dam­age — or causes of dam­age — which are not cov­ered by in­sur­ance). Shop around and com­pare quotes.

Most in­sur­ance providers have their pol­icy terms and con­di­tions on­line, or you can call the in­surer to get a quote. There are dif­fer­ent lev­els of cover avail­able, but the cost mainly de­pends on the value of the item you in­sure.

Be­fore you buy, check whether you have any cover un­der your home in­sur­ance pol­icy, or whether you can buy an add-on to your home in­sur­ance — as you might be able to get the phone cov­ered us­ing ‘all-risks’ cover. This is an op­tional ex­tra avail­able un­der most home-in­sur­ance poli­cies which pro­tects you against loss of, theft of, or ac­ci­den­tal dam­age to per­sonal be­long­ings both in­side and out­side of the home.

If con­sid­er­ing add-on cover, check with your provider if this pol­icy would cover your phone and ask about any ex­clu­sions. Find out if there is an ex­cess to pay on the pol­icy if you make a claim and also, con­sider the im­pli­ca­tions on your home in­sur­ance premium for next year. guar­an­teed de­liv­ery in time for Christ­mas when I bought it. Can I can­cel my or­der even if it hasn’t ar­rived yet and get a full re­fund? Patsy, Dublin 6 AT this stage, you have prob­a­bly al­ready con­tacted the com­pany and found out that the jacket won’t be ar­riv­ing be­fore Christ­mas. If you bought the jacket from a busi­ness based in the EU, you have strong con­sumer pro­tec­tion rights in these cir­cum­stances. In gen­eral, if you or­der from an Eu-based busi­ness, your or­der should ar­rive within 30 days, un­less an al­ter­na­tive date was agreed.

In your case, the re­tailer guar­an­teed de­liv­ery be­fore Christ­mas and won’t meet this obli­ga­tion — so you have the right to can­cel and re­quest a full re­fund. The re­tailer should re­fund you with­out de­lay. You will need to fill in a can­cel­la­tion form which the re­tailer should send you or have avail­able on its web­site.

If you bought from a busi­ness based out­side of the EU, you need to check the web­site’s terms and con­di­tions in re­la­tion to can­celling.

If you are hav­ing trou­ble get­ting a re­fund, you may be able to re­quest a charge­back from your debit or credit card for non-de­liv­ery of goods. Your card provider can ex­plain the process to you, but you can re­quest a charge­back if the goods are not de­liv­ered or are faulty and you are un­able to get your money back from the busi­ness.

Be­fore re­quest­ing a charge­back, you should con­tact the busi­ness in writ­ing and ask for a re­fund as you will need ev­i­dence that you tried to get a re­fund from the busi­ness.

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