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I’ve kind of gone right off dry sham­poo ever since Kate Moss told me she al­ways prefers freshly washed hair, as “clean hair is a must”. I also feel a lot bet­ter af­ter a quick shower, any­way. You’re fresh. You’re clean. So fresh and so clean, clean. You’re to­tally singing that OutKast song in your head now, aren’t you?!

So yeah, I try to do the whole hair-in-a-shower-cap thing, but in­vari­ably it gets a bit wet, and then looks a bit flat and ugh, and dry sham­poo can feel a bit, I don’t know, seedy or some­thing!

How­ever, wash­ing hair ev­ery day isn’t good for hair ei­ther, so I’ve been ‘co-wash­ing’ as it’s called, oth­er­wise known as skip­ping sham­poo and head­ing straight to con­di­tioner.

“What the hell?” you’re prob­a­bly think­ing, but, when you think about it, it’s a gen­tle way of cleans­ing, as there are no harsh de­ter­gents.

Top Tip: Co-wash­ing is ideal for curly-haired cailins as the oils se­creted by the scalp can find it hard to make their way down wavy hair shafts, lead­ing to dry, frizzy hair.

Now there’s no rea­son why you couldn’t try co-wash­ing with your usual con­di­tioner, but prod­ucts specif­i­cally for this are prefer­able, as these con­di­tion­ers con­tain lit­tle or none of the chem­i­cals that of­ten leave hair dry, brit­tle or dam­aged.

Ojon’s Cleans­ing Con­di­tioner, be­low left, €8, is per­fect for hair that just needs a gen­tle cleanse. It gen­tly lathers up to elim­i­nate im­pu­ri­ties while leav­ing my hair feel­ing su­per-soft and nour­ished. It’s great when you’re in a hurry. It con­tains co­conut oil to soften, de-tan­gle and boost shine and has no nas­ties in it.

Grow Gor­geous, right, has co-washes from €26.99 for coloured hair, es­pe­cially for brunettes and blondes. The mak­ers use pris­matic tech­nol­ogy to re­flect light more ef­fec­tively, and so work best on dyed hair.

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