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My two-year-old-teenager Maxim is do­ing his best to talk, but he can’t pro­nounce ‘s’. So we put on his toos and tox and, at tix or teven, he has his tupper and then he goes to teep.

This is when I have a tower and use — OK, I’m go­ing to top now, I mean stop, be­cause I need your full at­ten­tion for what I’m about to tell you.

St. Tropez’s Grad­ual Tan In Shower Lo­tion, right, €13.50, is the big­gest tan-ova­tion yet.

The in-shower grad­ual tan is sold out ev­ery­where be­cause it’s just so damn good. You sim­ply get in the shower, turn off the wa­ter af­ter wash­ing your­self, then ap­ply the prod­uct to clean, wet skin. Wait for three min­utes — you can pop some con­di­tioner through your hair or brush your teeth — then wash it off. And that’s it!

DHA, which is what makes you turn brown, is ac­tu­ally wa­ter-sol­u­ble, so wet skin cells are more re­cep­tive to the re­ac­tion tak­ing place. Who knew?

The tan then de­vel­ops through­out the day and is 100pc nat­u­ral. It con­tains al­mond oil so you don’t even have to mois­turise.

The grad­ual tan gave me a sub­tle glow af­ter one day of use, which, if used daily, builds to a deeper tan.

Best of all it won’t stain your sheets or your boyfriend!


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