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Nov­el­ist, jour­nal­ist, colum­nist What does feminism mean to me? If I’m hon­est, ab­so­lutely noth­ing. Out­spo­ken, self-pro­claimed fem­i­nists don’t tend to like me. I’m a bit too glam and blonde for their lik­ing. Even though I spend half my week in track­suits, with­out any make-up on, be­ing a slummy mummy!

I’m not one for la­bels, un­less it’s on a nice hand­bag, but yes, I sup­pose I would be a fem­i­nist. Peo­ple would con­sider me a tough cookie be­cause I keep bounc­ing back from abuse. Or to quote one troll, ‘The bitch never goes away. What is she, 80 now?’

I tried to bring a show to the stage, but when I tried to seek out fe­male di­rec­tors, pro­duc­ers, etc, I was told by all my male theatri­cal ac­quain­tances, ‘There are none — no de­cent ones any­way!’ I got tired of hit­ting brick walls and aban­doned the project. Tem­po­rar­ily, any­way. But that at­ti­tude was de­mor­al­is­ing.

I’d like to see more women in po­si­tions of power, and I love hear­ing about other women suc­ceed­ing, even if I haven’t. Women need to help each other out more. If that makes me a fem­i­nist then fine, knock your­self out. I’ve been called much worse.

I would hate to think I got a job be­cause I was needed to fill a quota, but sadly I do be­lieve they are nec­es­sary. Boys are boys, and in my own in­ter­est I’ll leave it there. I’m too tired for an­other spate of Twit­ter at­tacks. Be­cause the way men (and sadly a lot of women) treat other women in the work­place is dis­gust­ing. Take it from a woman burnt! Cur­rent fem­i­nists? Where do I start? Twenty, 30 years ago, we had jour­nal­ists like Mary Kenny and Nell McCaf­ferty who fought for fe­male equal­ity and de­manded equal rights for us. They protested, they prob­a­bly smoked too many cig­a­rettes on The Late Late Show and were ridiculed, but they high­lighted is­sues and helped bring about change that I have ben­e­fited from. Nowa­days, we see Mi­ley Cyrus and Bey­once gy­rate their crotches around tow­er­ing signs that say ‘FEM­I­NIST’ and I not only find it bor­ing, but I find it sad. And se­ri­ously, how does Kim Kar­dashian post­ing a nude selfie on Twit­ter be­come a fem­i­nist is­sue?

These modern-day fe­male icons are fake fem­i­nists. I don’t like putting women down and I ap­plaud their suc­cess and would never be­grudge it. But I would urge these women and all women to help their sis­ters out. You want to be a fem­i­nist? Sur­round your­self with more women and don’t be afraid to share the stage.

Do you think it can be un­fair on men? How is any­thing un­fair to men? It’s a man’s world. They don’t care about any of our rants. Mainly be­cause most of them don’t lis­ten . . . never have, never will.

I’m mar­ried to a man who doesn’t even lis­ten to me. None of them care. I could dance naked on TV and he wouldn’t no­tice.

I could tell him I was tak­ing a fem­i­nist stance and he’d mut­ter, “That’s nice . . . what’s for din­ner?”

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