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The per­son My sis­ter, Alex, bet­ter known as the younger ver­sion of me. We laugh a lot at ab­so­lutely noth­ing. She is also one of the most in­spir­ing peo­ple I’ve met; for such a young lady, she seems to have it all fig­ured out — Alex is the ideal lit­tle ‘big’ sis­ter The mem­ory Lunch, in the sum­mer, with my grand­par­ents, in their back gar­den. I travel back in time to that mem­ory a lot. The ham and salad was al­ways amaz­ing, and my grand­dad would have great sto­ries. I’d usu­ally be wear­ing one of his hats, which would be miles too big for me The mo­ment of the day The morn­ing. Yes, I am one of those an­noy­ing morn­ing peo­ple. I am hap­pier than your av­er­age per­son in the morn­ing, and peo­ple usu­ally hate me for it. I think the rea­son I’m so happy is be­cause I get to eat again! The song Mr Bright­side by The Killers. As soon as that song comes on, my feet think I’m on a tram­po­line, and I dance like I’m a pup­pet for the whole du­ra­tion of the song! The movie

The Hol­i­day. I am a sucker for a ro­man­tic com­edy that I can watch again and again, up to 400 times. I also still laugh at the jokes. Sad, but true The hero My grandma, Anna. She’s 90 and still knows more celebrity news than I do. I’ve learnt a lot from her, mainly how to be for­giv­ing and lov­ing, no mat­ter what. She’s also the only one who can slag me and get away with it The book Tina Fey’s Bossy­pants. Tina Fey is one of my all-time favourite comedians, and that book is the per­fect way to re­lax and laugh on your own. I like to laugh! The out­fit My favourite H&M jump­suit and Con­verse — I feel like ev­ery great day starts when you put your feet into a pair of Con­verse The ac­ces­sory My baby bracelet that says ‘Cassie’. My grandma got it for me when I was born. She couldn’t fit ‘Cas­san­dra’ on it, so that’s when they started call­ing me Cassie. I think I lucked out on that one — what kind of baby looks like a Cas­san­dra? I feel like it’s a name that you grow into in your 40s The gad­get My phone. Let’s not lie, I stare at that screen for the ma­jor­ity of my day. It’s the first thing I look at in the morn­ing, and the last thing I see at night — it’s ba­si­cally my other half The pet hate Cats. I don’t like cats. That is lit­er­ally my pet hate, even if it doesn’t make any sense The part of my body The hole in my face that peo­ple like to call a dim­ple — it’s the first thing you see when you meet me The virtue Not to take life too se­ri­ously, and to be for­giv­ing. I think it’s some­thing we all need to learn more about. Peo­ple will al­ways make mis­takes, and for­give­ness is one of the hard­est things to be good at, at times. Not tak­ing life too se­ri­ously helps in those sit­u­a­tions The friend Christina Mo­ran — she’s my ‘bff ’, as the kids would say these days. We call each other Darla, be­cause of a story we made up when we lived in Van­cou­ver for a sum­mer. She’s a ridicu­lously hard-work­ing lawyer, who still man­ages to find time to make me a smoothie ev­ery morn­ing. She’s an­other in­spir­ing per­son in my life, who is way too in­tel­li­gent to be hang­ing out with me! The beauty prod­uct Foun­da­tion, be­cause, let’s face it, we all look a bit bet­ter with foun­da­tion. And also mas­cara, and blusher. Let’s just say make-up in gen­eral The hol­i­day Ski­ing, prefer­ably some­where with snow. I feel like ski­ing is one of those hol­i­days when you can truly log off from emails and so on, be­cause you have to in order to make it down the slope with­out ski­ing straight into some­one The piece of ad­vice I al­ways loved “peo­ple may doubt what you say, but will al­ways be­lieve what you do” — ba­si­cally, stop talk­ing about it and get it done. It helps in sit­u­a­tions like or­der­ing a pizza — I don’t just talk about it, I do it! The drink Beer. I love beer. I only started drink­ing it about two years ago, but now I’m into my pale ales, and any­one who knows beer knows that that’s a big step! Other than that, I love a good G&T, with lots of cu­cum­ber and pep­per The ho­tel My mom’s house — it’s lo­cated in Dublin, they usu­ally only have room for one ex­tra guest, but break­fast is de­li­cious and you have to clean up af­ter your­self! The bar I love a good dive bar. Forgt­menot in NYC is one of my favourites. In Dublin, I’d have to say the Bernard Shaw The hobby Snapchat­ting — I’m a sucker for a good Snapchat. I do an­noy a lot of peo­ple with it, mainly my grandma; she fea­tures in a lot of my Snapchats. Fol­low me at cassiestokes3 and watch my grandma get an­noy­ing when I put fil­ters on her face! The celebrity Kris­ten Wiig. She’s so tal­ented and I love pretty much all her movies. I love her style of im­prov, even her old-school YouTube videos are hi­lar­i­ous, es­pe­cially the ‘Confessions of a tooth fairy’ one The vice I can be quite stub­born at times. I think I have my dad to thank for this trait — thanks, dad! The smell Freshly cut grass, it re­minds me of the spring. The only down­side is, as soon as I smell it, I reach for an an­ti­his­tamine be­cause I get re­ally bad hay fever. I ba­si­cally have a cold for the sum­mer! The taste Choco­late — I have a sweet tooth for Ir­ish choco­late, Cad­bury’s in par­tic­u­lar. One square and I’m in heaven, 10 squares and I’m in trou­ble, be­cause I’ll be too full to have din­ner! In­sta­gram: @cassiestokes ‘Xpose’ is on TV3, week­days, from 6pm-7pm

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