The ladies are brow beaten

Whether your eye­brows are ex­cel­lent or non-ex­is­tent, says Sarah Caden, the good groomer is a face-changer

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If the pop­u­lar wis­dom goes that the eyes are the win­dows of the soul, then the eye­brows are the win­dow frames. Well, sort of. The state of your soul isn’t ex­actly ev­i­dent in how your brows shape up, but your kempt­ness rat­ing can be im­proved by a well-tended pair. Yes, keep up, of course there’s a kempt­ness rat­ing.

One ex­cel­lent piece of ad­vice when it comes to shap­ing your brows is that they are sisters rather than twins. This is to say that in shape they should be sim­i­lar, but not iden­ti­cal. The two sides of your face are not iden­ti­cal or sym­met­ri­cal, so the same goes for your brows. If you’ve never gone near your brows, it’s also good ad­vice to get them pro­fes­sion­ally shaped the first time and then you can copy their wise work at home. That said, it’s ad­vis­able to choose a pro­fes­sional whose own brows are nei­ther too thick, too thin or too sur­prised-look­ing. Even if you al­ready have a great shape, if you wear make-up and leave your brows bare, they will let you down. This is where brow make-up comes in. And if you have barely any brows thanks to years of overzeal­ous pluck­ing — then we have the per­fect fillers and fix­ers for you.


Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel in Taupe, €23, House of Fraser, Dun­drum Town Cen­tre, D16; Arnotts, D1; Brown Thomas This is a new prod­uct from the Bobbi Brown sta­ble and it ties in per­fectly with the brand’s sub­tle but sleek ethos. They have done mas­cara-like brow-groom­ing prod­ucts be­fore, but this is a new gel-wax, as they’re call­ing it. Avail­able in eight shades, it is more long-last­ing than some other waxy brow prod­ucts, which tend to dry out and go flaky af­ter a few hours. “If you cur­rently use one prod­uct for colour and filler and an­other for fix­ing a good arch, then try this as a good one-stop-shop,” said a pan­el­list.

BEST BET­TER BLONDE Ca­trice Vel­vet Brow Pow­der Artist in Blond Brows are a Girl’s Best Friend, €4.50, Dunnes; Pen­neys; se­lected phar­ma­cies na­tion­wide

This is a knacky lit­tle num­ber from the brand beloved of teenagers and those who know value when they see it. It looks like a pen­cil, but it’s more like a pow­der marker, with a round sponge ap­pli­ca­tor with which to paint pig­ment where it’s needed. At the other end is a brush with which to comb through the pumped-up brows. “Un­like a pen­cil, this doesn’t go on in thin, hair-thick­ness strokes, so it’s more of a filler prod­uct,” a pan­el­list said. “But for sparse-browed blondes, this is a bonus.”

BEST LUX­URY PAIR Chanel Brow Pow­der Duo in Na­turel, €45, Chanel coun­ters na­tion­wide

This is a pricey lit­tle pal­ette, but there are those who will be so thrilled with the matt-black Chanel logo-ed mini tweez­ers that they’ll im­me­di­ately for­get the spend. The case con­tains the tweez­ers, a brush for the two coloured pow­ders and a comb with which to put shape on the brows. “A sweet eye­brow of­fer­ing,” one pan­el­list said. “The pow­ders are as na­turel in colour as the name sug­gests, and can be blended to suit most brown-coloured brows.”

BEST RED RE­LIEF Lan­come Sour­cils Gel in Auburn, €23, Lan­come coun­ters na­tion­wide

Avail­able in six colours rang­ing from blond to black, this is a gel-cream that has the bonus of be­ing wa­ter­proof. No harm with sum­mer com­ing, and not only in case of rain. The gel-like tex­ture means it isn’t too thick or tat­tooed­look­ing, so you can wear it sub­tly with min­i­mal make-up or build it up for with full make-up. “A good auburn is great to find,” said a pan­el­list, “if you have the kind of Ir­ish-y eye­brows that aren’t full gin­ger but are red­der than brown.”

BEST FULL KIT Ur­ban De­cay Gwen Ste­fani Brow Box in Bath­wa­ter Blonde, €25.50, House of Fraser, Dun­drum Town Cen­tre, D16; Deben­hams

This is like a very sweet trea­sure chest, con­tain­ing all the loot you need for per­fectly groomed mid-brown brows. Part of Ste­fani’s range for this brand, it’s a two-tier treat, with light and dark pow­ders and a neu­tral-coloured hold­ing wax on the top, and two brushes and a tiny gold tweez­ers on the tier be­low. “There’s no deny­ing the cuteness of this mini-case,” said a pan­el­list, “but it’s far from a nov­elty prod­uct within.”

Pic­tured, from left, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Brow Gel in Taupe; Ca­trice Vel­vet Brow Pow­der Artist in Blond Brows are a Girl’s Best Friend; Chanel Brow Pow­der Duo in Na­turel; Lan­come Sour­cils Gel in Auburn; Ur­ban De­cay Gwen Ste­fani Brow Box in Bath­wa­ter...

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