As Siob­han O’Con­nor writes about be­ing in the baby club (see Page 10), Pat Fitz­patrick takes a look at some of the world’s most well-known off­spring

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Some moms love to dress their kids like him. There is ac­tu­ally a web­site called what­prince­ge­orge­wore.com. The name yous­niv­el­ling­wannabe.com must have been taken. That’s un­fair. Not all the par­ents are sniv­el­ling. But still, you can’t deny Ge­orge and his lit­tle sis­ter Char­lotte are very cute kids. You can just imag­ine them, run­ning around like mad and putting a smile on ev­ery­one’s face with their hi­lar­i­ous in­ap­pro­pri­ate ques­tions. Like, “How come Un­cle Harry doesn’t look like the rest of us?”


Brook­lyn’s ar­rival back in 1999 put a smile on ev­ery­one’s face. Ex­cept his mother’s. It’s un­clear why she stopped smil­ing in pub­lic. Un­til you google ‘Posh Spice smile early Spice Girls days’. It’s like she’s very an­gry be­cause some­one glued her teeth to­gether. Brook­lyn has shown some prom­ise as a foot­baller. There are a num­ber of routes he could take. One is to marry a fa­mous pop star and hope the me­dia ex­po­sure will pro­long his ca­reer. Worked for his dad.


Not a radio sta­tion in Done­gal. She is the daugh­ter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Tim­ings sug­gest her brother, Saint, wasn’t con­ceived dur­ing her par­ent’s Ir­ish hon­ey­moon. Just as well, given celeb nam­ing habits. He could have been called Port­laoise. Where did you get your name? I was con­ceived there. You mean your mom had sex with your dad af­ter he brought her to Port­laoise on hon­ey­moon? Ya, it’s a weird one.


Sorry about this, but we’ll have to show a photo of the par­ents for this one. That would be Ryan Gosling and Eva Men­des, the fa­mously pri­vate A-list cou­ple who are re­luc­tant to use pho­tos of their kids to boost their pro­files. So when any­one writes about the chis­ellers, they are forced to fes­toon the piece with pho­tos of their gor­geous, pho­to­genic, su­per­star par­ents. Can you imag­ine the dam­age that must be do­ing to their ca­reers? No? Nei­ther can we.


Dear Aoife, Love the pho­tos of you with Mom, Una, from The Voice of Ire­land. You live in Eng­land. So please start us­ing your se­cond name, Belle, as soon as pos­si­ble. An English per­son is about as likely to pro­nounce Aoife as they are to stop putting a ques­tion at the end of ev­ery sen­tence, aren’t they? All the best from Caoimhe, Sad­hbh, Cathal, Eoin and oth­ers who moved home from Eng­land be­cause it got too much, didn’t it?

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