For years, doc­tors had been telling Kris Kristof­fer­son that his in­creas­ingly de­bil­i­tat­ing mem­ory loss was due to ei­ther Alzheimer’s, or blows to the head from his sport­ing days. Some days the singer-song­writer and movie star couldn’t re­mem­ber what he was

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‘Oh, my god, the son of a bitch is back,” an­nounces Lisa Kristof­fer­son as she stands in the kitchen of her Los Flores Canyon home in Mal­ibu. The son of a bitch, who is next to her, is more com­monly known as Kris Kristof­fer­son, now 80 years old. He has been her hus­band for the past 36 years. He also hap­pens to be one of the great­est song­writ­ers of all time (cov­ered by Johnny Cash, Ja­nis Jo­plin, Elvis Pres­ley and some 500 oth­ers), not to men­tion an iconic ac­tor in his own right (from to the movies).

Three decades ago, “The son of a bitch is back” may have been the ral­ly­ing cry of Kristof­fer­son’s girl­friends or wives af­ter he went off on a drink­ing or cheat­ing ben­der. But to­day, it means some­thing dif­fer­ent en­tirely.

It means that the rugged, fiercely in­de­pen­dent spark of con­scious­ness that is Kris Kristof­fer­son, which has been fad­ing for the past few years due to mem­ory loss, is bright­en­ing again — to ev­ery­one’s sur­prise.

For years, doc­tors had been telling Kristof­fer­son that his in­creas­ingly

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de­bil­i­tat­ing mem­ory loss was due to ei­ther Alzheimer’s or to de­men­tia, brought on by blows to the head from the box­ing, foot­ball and rugby of his teens and early 20s. Some days, Kristof­fer­son couldn’t even re­mem­ber what he was do­ing from one mo­ment to the next.

It be­came so bad that Kristof­fer­son started writ­ing a song about it. “

I see an empty chair/Some­one was sit­ting there,” I’ve got a feel­ing it was me/ And I see a glass of wine/I’m pretty sure it’s mine.”

it be­gan. “

But then, like the chair and the wine, he for­got about the song. And it lay un­fin­ished, like many oth­ers he’s be­gun these past few years. In this case, his daugh­ter Kelly com­pleted the song, which re­mains un­recorded.

Then, ear­lier this year, a doc­tor de­cided to test Kristof­fer­son for Lyme dis­ease. The test came back pos­i­tive. His wife be­lieves he picked it up from a tick, as he crawled around the for­est floor in Ver­mont for six weeks, while film­ing the movie

“He was tak­ing all these med­i­ca­tions for things he doesn’t have, and they all have side ef­fects,” she says.

She is wear­ing one of her hus­band’s tour mer­chan­dise shirts. Af­ter he gave up his Alzheimer’s and de­pres­sion pills and went through three weeks of Lyme-dis­ease treat­ment, Lisa was shocked. “All of a


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