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mainly on three doc­tors. There was Kath­leen Lynn, who acted as chief med­i­cal of­fi­cer dur­ing the Ris­ing, and went on to found St Ul­tan’s Chil­dren’s Hospi­tal. Is­abella Webb set up an emer­gency hospi­tal on Mer­rion Square to deal with the wounded, and later founded the Chil­dren’s Sun­shine Home, which in its early days treated young­sters with rick­ets. And Dorothy Price was a guest in the Vice-Re­gal Lodge (now Aras an Uachtarain) and kept a fas­ci­nat­ing diary of events dur­ing Easter week. She later be­came Ire­land’s fore­most med­i­cal ex­pert on TB test­ing and im­mu­ni­sa­tion. Though un­men­tioned in Noel Browne’s au­to­bi­og­ra­phy

the work of Dr Price is cred­ited with sav­ing the lives of many thou­sands of Irish chil­dren from the scourge of con­sump­tion. We have yet to hear whether our new chil­dren’s hospi­tal will be named in hon­our of a hero­ine of child health in Ire­land. These three for­mi­da­ble women of Irish pae­di­atrics are all equally de­serv­ing.

Against The Tide,

What we call hypnopom­pic co­pro­lalia was a source of great amuse­ment to the staff. When Peggy asked whether she her­self had said any­thing out of place af­ter surgery, the nurses said they had a full record­ing and would use it for black­mail! A sense of hu­mour has not been out­lawed in our health ser­vice. Yet.

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