As Stephen Ro­drick meets US-talk-show front­man, James Cor­den (see Page 18), Pat Fitz­patrick has a looks at some other top chat-show hosts

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A well-known porn site re­vealed its view­ing fig­ures in Ire­land suf­fered a huge dip dur­ing the

Here’s an idea to cap­ture this pervy au­di­ence. A

Imag­ine Ryan in bondage gear, whip­ping a cou­ple un­til they tell him what they like about the new Ram­pant Rab­bit. (Or maybe don’t.) And a woman in the crowd caught hiss­ing at her hus­band, “De­clan, don’t get caught clap­ping if he an­nounces one for ev­ery­one in the au­di­ence, we’ll be the talk of Bal­ly­heigue”.

Show. Show. 2

How many bor­ing Hol­ly­wood A-lis­ters will peo­ple sit through so they can watch the bit with the Red Chair? One per episode, ac­cord­ing to the lat­est fig­ures. Next to him, in a very short dress, is the lat­est Amer­i­can come­di­enne who doesn’t seem to un­der­stand the dif­fer­ence be­tween an­gry and funny. Next to her, is a Bri­tish co­me­dian drip­ping in self-loathing. What’s not to like? Me, pipes up our Bri­tish friend, hold­ing up the DVD of his new show,

3 RYAN TUBRIDY Late Late Toy Late Late Sex-Toy GRA­HAM NOR­TON I Hate My­self. DAVID LET­TER­MAN

Let­ter­man’s show was fa­mous for its top-10 list. It was like this ar­ti­cle, re­ally, ex­cept there were 10 items. And it was funny, says you, off to read Tri­ona McCarthy’s beauty tips. (Not that you need them. Please don’t go.) Let­ter­man ad­mit­ted to hav­ing sex with an as­sis­tant live on air. As in, he ad­mit­ted it live on air. You’re never go­ing to see a chat-show host hav­ing live sex with an in­tern. Al­though you’d never know with Chan­nel 4.


We’re not ac­tu­ally sure where the name Piers comes from. Maybe it’s the plu­ral of Pier. Af­ter all, he is in­clined to let peo­ple walk all over him. (Make it stop!) Piers’s CNN chat show came to an end re­cently af­ter he an­gered a sec­tion of the US view­ing pub­lic with his tren­chant views on gun con­trol. In fact, 30,000 of them signed a pe­ti­tion call­ing for him to be de­ported. As in, they put an ‘X’ where it said ‘sig­na­ture’ and then said, “Ye haw, let’s all marry our cousins”.


Oprah loves pro­mot­ing things that are close to her heart. Like her wal­let. A few weeks back, she re­vealed her svelte new fig­ure was due to Weight Watch­ers. The same com­pany in which she in­vested $43m last year. That in­vest­ment should pile on the pounds, says you, mad for the weak puns. Oprah said the weight loss means her part­ner can now carry her to the pool. There is an­other way of putting that: I have a pool. (Thanks for all the cash.)

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