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It’s time to talk about hair. But not the hair on your head — your hair down there! Khloe Khardashian has come out lately with a list of eight prod­ucts she uses for her ‘down-there’ sit­u­a­tion, which not only in­cludes wipes and mois­turiser, but Ben Wa balls, to strengthen and tighten her va-jay-jay — “like Pi­lates for your cha-cha”.

But back to the hair. Khloe likes to use a prod­uct be­tween shav­ing or wax­ing ses­sions, such as Ly­con’s In­grown-X-It So­lu­tion, left, €21.50, brazil­, to ex­fo­li­ate, calm the skin and pre­vent in­grown hairs.

This prod­uct has a cult fol­low­ing, and men go wild for it as well, btw. For their own hair — ob­vi­ously!

Mean­while, one of Emma Wat­son’s beauty es­sen­tials is Fur Oil, above right, $44, see, prod­ucts cre­ated for pu­bic hair.

The ac­tress says, “I’ll use that any­where from the ends of my hair to my eye­brows to my pu­bic hair. It’s an amaz­ing all-pur­pose prod­uct.”

Fi­nally, I read an in­ter­view with ac­tress Shai­lene Wood­ley dis­cussing the im­por­tance of Vi­ta­min D for your, eh, v! She said it was a herbal­ist who turned her on to this, and that it helped yeast in­fec­tions and other gen­i­tal is­sues. “If you’re feel­ing de­pleted, go in the sun for an hour and see how much en­ergy you get. Or, if you live in a place that has heavy win­ters, when the sun fi­nally comes out, spread your legs and get some sun­shine.”

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