Jackie Ma­son (62) is a reiki healer, reiki master teacher and a nat­u­ral nu­tri­tion­ist. She has her own busi­ness and sees clients by ap­point­ment. She used to work in re­tail. From Church­town, she lives in Ci­ty­west, Dublin. She has two daugh­ters — Eve and Amy

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Most morn­ings, I get up at 7.30am. I live with my daugh­ter Amy — so she is my alarm. Then we have break­fast to­gether be­fore she leaves for work. I start my day with lemon and hot wa­ter, and then I’ll have some por­ridge. Be­cause I work by ap­point­ment, some peo­ple say that I should stay in bed a lit­tle longer. But I like to be up to be­gin my day. I’m not a morn­ing per­son, but I be­came one. I wanted to see what I was miss­ing out on early in the morn­ing. I like to en­joy as much of the day as I can.

In my work as a reiki healer, I tell peo­ple to make some small changes in their life; to in­tro­duce new things. Then I de­cided that I had bet­ter prac­tise what I preach. Now I lis­ten to a med­i­ta­tion tape while I make the beds, throw on a wash and empty the dish­washer. I or­gan­ise the din­ner at that time, too. I can’t do a trolley dash in the su­per­mar­ket at the end of my work­ing day, as some nights I’m not fin­ished un­til 9pm. When peo­ple think of med­i­ta­tion, they as­sume that it has to be this per­fect set-up with can­dles, but I lis­ten to the CD while do­ing my lit­tle jobs around the house. I know it works, be­cause when it is play­ing, Amy’s dog conks out on the bed, flat on his back. If any­one came in, they’d think that I’d bat­ted him on the head with a ham­mer. I sit down for a cou­ple of min­utes. It just takes the mind down into the place where it should be.

Then I go to work, which is in Creative Academy and Spa in Bal­ly­mount. The own­ers — Karen and Ma­rina — are very sup­port­ive. I’m a reiki master teacher, and a nat­u­ral nu­tri­tion­ist as well. Reiki is an im­mune boost, and it works on peo­ple men­tally, emo­tion­ally, phys­i­cally and spir­i­tu­ally. Peo­ple don’t have to be sick to come for reiki. When they have fin­ished a ses­sion, they of­ten tell me that they feel very re­laxed and that it was a lovely mas­sage. But, in fact, I haven’t touched them at all.

Most peo­ple who come to me don’t know why they are there. They were ei­ther given the ses­sion as a present, or they are there out of curiosity. I ex­plain it, and then I ask them to take off their shoes and lie down. They re­main fully clothed, and I don’t touch them. I tell them that I want them to put out any­thing that they think needs to go; stuff that is com­ing in and pre­sent­ing it­self phys­i­cally. It might be a shoul­der ache or stress. I tell them that they may be re­laxed, but they are go­ing to be do­ing a lot of work on a sub­con­scious level. Then I start with a suc­ces­sion of hand move­ments over the body. I am drawn to cer­tain ar­eas of the body. Reiki goes where it is needed. Gen­er­ally, I work with my eyes closed. Dur­ing that time, I see a range of colours, which rep­re­sent dif­fer­ent ar­eas in the body.

I have all sorts of peo­ple com­ing to me, many with very se­ri­ous prob­lems. Some self-harm, some have ad­dic­tions, and I have so many clients with anx­i­ety dis­or­ders. In this coun­try, anx­i­ety is huge. Peo­ple feel that their get-up-andgo has gone, and they don’t know any way out. It’s very easy for peo­ple to be judg­men­tal and say, ‘I don’t know why he can’t do this’, but when you are not in your right frame of mind, things go in dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. Nor­mally, peo­ple who come for reiki have tried other ap­proaches. I have in­som­ni­acs com­ing, and within min­utes they’re snor­ing. Some GPs send their pa­tients to me. They are open to reiki.

When I meet a client, we talk briefly. I like to put them at their ease. Straight away, I pick up on stuff. Peo­ple don’t have to say any­thing to me, and if they do, it’s com­pletely con­fi­den­tial. It’s fine if they sleep through the 45-minute ses­sion. Some­times peo­ple see colours, or they might cry, but it is short-lived. Of­ten I pick up on this sad­ness. I tell them that it’s per­fectly nor­mal to cry. It’s self-cleans­ing and shed­ding the load.

It’s very im­por­tant to lis­ten. You could have some­body com­ing to you who is 20 stone and you think, ‘They are here for weight loss’. Then you re­alise the prob­lem is that they are liv­ing with an al­co­holic hus­band.

I first came across reiki in 2004. It in­trigued me. After my first ses­sion, I was quite emo­tional, but I knew that it was do­ing me good. I felt bet­ter. I was at a cross­roads in my life, and it helped me clear stuff. Then I de­cided to do a reiki course in self-heal­ing. Day-by-day, I started to feel bet­ter. I was able to work on my­self and my fam­ily. Now I train peo­ple to be­come reiki teach­ers. This is a big change from my pre­vi­ous ca­reer in re­tail. Dur­ing the day, I space my ap­point­ments and I usu­ally go home for lunch. I need to mind my en­ergy lev­els. I love what I do and I en­joy see­ing the changes in my clients, all the im­prove­ments. I like help­ing peo­ple, but I tell them that they have done the work. They have just placed them­selves in front of me.

When I go home, I have a shower to cleanse the en­ergy. Then I have some­thing to eat with my daugh­ter, and we watch TV. I’d watch any­thing; a fly walk­ing across the screen. I love

and I’d love to do it my­self. My mum was a Royalette [dancer at the old Theatre Royal], so it’s in the genes. If I’m out for a night, and there is mu­sic, I don’t need to be asked up to dance. I love to get up, and I en­joy so­cial­is­ing with a glass of wine.

I like to be in bed for 10.30pm. When I look back on my day, I’m thank­ful for ev­ery­thing in it and all the clients who have come to see me. An at­ti­tude of grat­i­tude is so im­por­tant. I wasn’t al­ways like this. When there were hard knocks, I’d think, ‘Why did that hap­pen to me?’ But we all get set­backs. The way we deal with them de­ter­mines our fu­ture. When you’re in a mud­dle, you don’t see clearly, but reiki calmed my mind. Thanks to it, I’m a dif­fer­ent per­son.

I was no dif­fer­ent to any­one else. We all get set­backs. But the way we deal with them de­ter­mines our fu­ture

Danc­ing With The Stars Reiki Academy, 43B Fashion City, Bal­ly­mount, D24. Tel: (01) 429-5122, or (087) 633-8734, or see reiki­a­cademy.ie

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