Trevor Noah: Son of Pa­tri­cia

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It’s hard to de­cide about Trevor Noah. On the one hand he’s young, hand­some (es­pe­cially for a co­me­dian) and mostly clever. On the other, he some­times misses the point in the way his Daily Show pre­de­ces­sor Jon Ste­wart never would have — wit­ness his silly, bor­der­line xeno­pho­bic take off of the French min­is­ter who chided him for say­ing “Africa won the World Cup” (a quip based on the racial her­itage of many of the French play­ers).

This spe­cial doesn’t do much to swing the bal­ance too hard in ei­ther di­rec­tion. Ob­ser­va­tions about pop­u­lar rap mu­sic sound­ing “like a tod­dler com­plain­ing about life” or how white peo­ple’s ideas of va­ca­tion­ing sound like what black peo­ple did to es­cape slav­ery (un­der­go­ing un­bear­ably long jour­neys sim­i­lar to the slave ships) are amus­ing enough, if not ex­actly bold or orig­i­nal. His best use of hu­mour in his­tori-

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