Anti-abor­tion — but we still pay

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Sir — Claim­ing to be pro­choice is all well and good, but what about the third of the elec­torate that voted against abor­tion in the ref­er­en­dum last May: what about their right to choose?

Soon this third of peo­ple, through the pub­lic purse, will be forced to pay for some­thing which they find ab­hor­rent, ob­jec­tion­able, re­pug­nant and cruel, not to men­tion im­moral, some­thing which may be deemed one day to have been even worse than what went on at the Tuam mother and baby home, for in­stance.

And yet pay they must, be­cause they will be given no choice. For in this new, sec­u­lar, dare I say to­tal­i­tar­ian, Ire­land in which we now live, it would ap­pear some choices are to be made more equal than oth­ers, and while some will have the right to choose to abort the lives of their un­born ba­bies, many oth­ers will not have the right to choose not to pay for it. Michael Morgan,

Ne­nagh, Co Tip­per­ary

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