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We are of­fer­ing a €50 book to­ken to three Sun­day In­de­pen­dent read­ers with this quizword, com­piled by John Mur­phy


1. A Life in the Woods is the sub­ti­tle of which novel, later to be­come a Dis­ney an­i­mated clas­sic? (5) 4. & 7. The late Wil­liam G Ste­wart asked the

ques­tions on which TV quiz show? (7,2,3) 8. Com­plete the name of this Ir­ish del­i­cacy: _____

bag. (5) 9. Who is play­ing Jean Val­jean in the BBC’s cur­rent

adap­ta­tion of Les Mis­er­ables? (4) 10. Ross _____ got over 19m votes in the 1992 US pres­i­den­tial elec­tion, the most ever re­ceived by a third place can­di­date. (5) 13. Cat­like. (6) 16. Belfast-born flautist who recorded An­nie’s Song.

(6) 19. Ex­ams taken by stu­dents a few months be­fore

the Leav­ing/Ju­nior Cert. (5) 22. Jack Ker­ouac, Allen Gins­berg, etc were known as

the ____ Gen­er­a­tion. (4) 23. & 24. Who is the new host of the BBC’s Ques­tion

Time? (5,5) 25. Winged horse of Greek leg­end. (7) 26. Which Os­car-win­ning ac­tress is mar­ried to

Daniel Craig? (5) DOWN: 2. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie

— that’s _____.” (5) 3. Which river reaches the sea at Kin­sale? (6) 4. Le­ices­ter City are nick­named the _____. (5) 5. Which rock is Ire­land’s most southerly point? (7) 6. “____ man kills the thing he loves”, Os­car Wilde.

(4) 10. Who duet­ted with Bar­bara Dick­son on I Know

Him So Well? (5) 11. Billy Con­nolly is nick­named “the Big ___”. (3) 12. Name the Ama­zon CEO who be­came the rich­est

man in the world in 2018. (5) 14. Na­tional air­line of the Nether­lands. (1,1,1) 15. Nick­name of the Bar­bar­ians rugby team. (3,4) 17. Who was El­ton John’s Can­dle in the Wind writ­ten

about? (6) 18. Who played the UK Home Sec­re­tary in the hit

BBC drama se­ries Body­guard? (5) 20. Cal­lan’s _____: RTE ra­dio show. (5) 21. Pop­u­lar name for a US 10-cent coin. (4) So­lu­tions to Sun­day In­de­pen­dent Quizword No 395 ACROSS: 1. Geraint Thomas. 8. Mor­ti­cia. 9. Doha. 10. Gilets. 12. Thorpe. 14. Agassi. 16. Cod­dle. 18. Gore. 20. Fidelity. 22. Ken­dall Jen­ner. DOWN: 1. Be­com­ing. 2. Sartre. 3. Cnoc. 4. At­lantic. 5. Mon­deo. 6. Oath. 11. Se­in­feld. 13. Pulitzer. 15. Sheedy. 17. De­lany. 19. O’Dea. 21. Dojo. Win­ners of Sun­day In­de­pen­dent Quizword No 395 Tr­ish O’Rourke, Mullingar, Co West­meath Re­becca Trim­mer, Ra­heny, Dublin 5 Shane Dowl­ing, Tralee, Co Kerry Post your en­tries to Sun­day In­de­pen­dent Quizword No 396, Sun­day In­de­pen­dent, 27-32 Tal­bot Street, Dublin D01 X2E1, to ar­rive by Thurs­day morn­ing next. Faxes are un­ac­cept­able. Prizes will be awarded to the first three all-cor­rect en­tries opened. Please al­low up to six weeks for re­ceipt of your prize, and would en­trants also re­mem­ber to in­clude a phone num­ber with their ad­dress, sim­ply as an ex­tra aid to con­tact­ing win­ners. If you are a win­ner and have any queries in re­la­tion to your prize, please ring our ded­i­cated hot­line on: (01) 705-5333

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