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Kurt Ek­ert on NDC “If we think about im­prov­ing the user ex­pe­ri­ence and help­ing air­lines max­imise their dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion and help­ing cor­po­ra­tions man­age their pro­grammes as ef­fec­tively as pos­si­ble, we’re very pro-ndc. We think it’ll be good for the in­dus­try as it evolves.

“The chal­lenge has been that when new things come to mar­ket – e-tick­et­ing for ex­am­ple – there’s a tech­nol­ogy stan­dard and so it can hap­pen rapidly. But with NDC there is no ac­tual com­mon stan­dard. It’s each air­line by each air­line, even within air­line al­liances.

“Most of the air­line APIS are quite lim­ited. They do a small amount of what they do in the B2C space so what they talk about in terms of their vi­sion is not nec­es­sar­ily the re­al­ity cur­rently. The as­pi­ra­tion is tremen­dous but there’s no easy tech­nol­ogy medium to solve it and one-off so­lu­tions are not scal­able.

“I think you’re go­ing to see NDC be­come a re­al­ity here in Europe over the next cou­ple of years and it’ll be on a con­tin­u­ing ba­sis, but it’s got to be be­cause key stake­hold­ers get to­gether and solve this.

“We’re still get­ting buy­ers in the room with TMCS, air­lines, tech par­ties, the GDSS – and they have deep pock­ets. Get­ting ev­ery­body to­gether to solve this col­lec­tively to me would be the right way to go.”

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