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Caro­line Cooke and her fam­ily who live in Barna in Scartaglin, where there are 56 wind tur­bines, told the pub­lic meet­ing that their life has been de­stroyed by the de­vel­op­ment.

“We didn’t know the full im­pact but now we do. We can­not sleep night in, night out. It is a con­stant throb­bing. It is like liv­ing in a war­zone. Our home has be­come a hell,” she said.

The shadow flicker and noise are the main is­sues. She warned the com­mu­nity to fight tooth and nail to pre­vent the wind­farm go­ing ahead and to pre­vent their lives be­com­ing the night­mare she now lives daily.

JJ O’Car­roll, who lives 12 miles from Gneeveg­uilla, said his life has also been de­stroyed by the tur­bines around his house. “We are the vic­tims of the wind en­ergy car­tel,” he said. “We love it there and it is our home.”

He said that his daily life has been blighted by noise from the tur­bines and that noise sur­veys do not pick up the sound from the tur­bines.

Lo­cal man, Sean O’Rourke, whose home will be close to the new de­vel­op­ment, said he is “ter­ri­fied” of the fu­ture. “My house is right in the mid­dle. All I am think­ing is what is go­ing to hap­pen.”

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