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Never again FG


I have voted for Fine Gael since reaching voting age in 1962. Although my mother voted for Fianna Fáil and my father for Labour, I picked Fine Gael because of Declan Costello bringing out his document, Towards A Just Society.

Never again will I vote for Fine Gael because as I look at the Government front bench I see some of the most arrogant ministers that ever sat in Dáil Éireann. As the Government stumbles from one crisis to another, ministers such as Phil Hogan, James Reilly and Brian Hayes talk down to us as if we were a bunch of idiots.

Who will I vote for? In the European elections, I have eliminated Sinn Féin because it is against everything; Labour because it sold out the working class, and Fine Gael because of its arrogance. I have plumped for Mary Fitzpatric­k, who comes across as a well-educated young lady and is very articulate in putting her views across.

Frank Gaffney, Crumlin, Dublin 12.

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