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Wenger should GO Too predictabl­e and we never seem to beat the big teams


THE way we lost at Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea was nothing short of a disgrace and the buck stops with the manager.

Besides a forward, we’ve been missing pace going forward and steel in the middle.

The money has been there. The club have said the manager can spend it. So why hasn’t he?

Tactically, I’ve had an issue with Arsene Wenger for some time. He just sets the team out the same way no matter who we play or who is fit.

And our zonal marking system? That was brought in to save having to worry about who to mark at corners.

To me, this smacks of a lack of preparatio­n. Wenger has also had ample time to get the youth side of the club sorted out and his record is appalling.

The best English London kid to come through was Ashley Cole — and he was at the club before Wenger even arrived from Japan.

The lack of belief that the players show in big games is staggering. We always go out of the Champions League to the first decent team we meet — and it seems we never beat any of the top four sides in the Premier League.

Wenger is no longer the man to take us forward for these reasons — and nothing to do with the years without a trophy. I would have changed manager a few years ago.

I would now prefer it for him to go out on a high after winning the FA Cup yesterday — a competitio­n he has often rested our better players from.

Wenger is getting old, his training methods are stale and it’s time he stepped aside for a younger man. I will always applaud his achievemen­ts in the past, but enough is enough.

It’s time to move on.

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