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Apart from good looks, talent and charisma, all five boys have loving families who supported their wild dreams of stardom from the start.

We bring you the 1D families...


From Doncaster, South Yorkshire, midwife Johannah Poulston and Troy Austin, a constructi­on worker, split up when Louis was young and he took stepfather Mark Tomlinson’s name. Johannah, 41, is now in another relationsh­ip with Daniel Deakin, 31, and she gave birth to twins Ernie and Doris in February so Louis, 22, is the eldest of seven. Well, we suppose those genes are worth replicatin­g.


From Bradford, West Yorkshire, Zayn’s parents are Tricia Brannan and Yaser Malik. He has three sisters, Doniya, 22, Waliyha, 13, and Safaa, 11, who have endured horrendous racist abuse on Twitter. Patricia converted to Islam when she married Yaser and now Zayn’s fiancée, Perrie, a Christian, is considerin­g how to incorporat­e both their religions in their wedding. Little Mix singer Perrie is often snapped with Patricia and the sisters on shopping trips so is already part of the family.


Harry Styles was born in Redditch, Worcesters­hire, to Des Styles and Anne Cox. He has an older sister, Gemma, who has an incredible 2.2 million Twitter followers. When Harry was seven, his parents divorced and his mother remarried in June 2013 to Robin Twist.

She now calls herself Mama Twist and has 1.6 million Twitter followers. Foxy Coxy, as she has become known, welcomed all five 1D boys to stay for a week in the bungalow at the bottom of their garden – which has a swimming pool – as they prepared for the live

X Factor finals. They said this bonded them as a band.


Liam’s parents, Karen and Geoff, live in Wolverhamp­ton, West Midlands, with his older sisters Ruth, 21 and Nicola, 23. Geoff is an aerospace fitter and Karen is a nursery nurse. Outside their neat semi sits a gleaming BMW Liam bought them recently. His very down-to-earth parents were interviewe­d on the red carpet at the American premiere of One Direction: This is Us and Geoff talked about Liam’s rare homecoming­s. ‘We just sit round in, like, a… a pub and order food and just talk and be normal, like a normal Sunday afternoon. And just talk and watch football.’


Niall’s parents, Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher, split up after 15 years when Niall was five years old. He and brother Greg, who is six years older, lived with their mother first before settling with their dad in Mullingar, the town where all their friends lived. ‘They came home one night and that was it. They told me they’d decided to stay,’ said Bobby, who works on the meat counter at Tesco. ‘I was very lonely for that year without them so of course I was really happy to have them back.’

Niall was independen­t from an early age. Bobby said: ‘He had to look after himself a lot because I was working. From the age of seven he had to do his own washing, his own ironing and often his own cooking. He’ll make someone a wonderful husband.’

Maura lives in Edgeworths­town, Co Longford, with her English husband of seven years, Chris, and often flies to London to clean her son’s apartment. ‘He’s actually a great little fella for cooking,’ Maura said. ‘He can bake cream cakes. He loves making pancakes, spaghetti Bolognese.’

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