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Fancy a bite of the cherry It’ll cost you €2 a pop…

- By Valerie Elliott

EVERYBODY wants a bite of the cherry... but you’d need deep pockets to do so at Harrods in London which is selling them at a juicy £1.65, that’s €2, each.

A punnet weighing 294g and containing just 25 cherries, cost £41.16, or €50.55, at the upmarket store this week.

Industry sources said this was a ‘record’ price for early season cherries.

The year’s first cherries come in April from heated Spanish greenhouse­s. But the Harrods cherries are among the first of the year to be grown outdoors.

A store spokesman said: ‘We sell French Glamour Edoa a cherries from a producer in the Pyrenees with a limited number of trees.

‘Because they are so rare, they are expensive.’

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