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Beware lest you incur the wrath of the Kennedys


NEGOTIATIO­NS between the Kennedy clan and All Hallows about the fate of Jackie Kennedy’s letters have reportedly been cordial. The college, which withdrew the letters from auction last week, just days before it announced it was closing, said that it would work with the family to find a way to curate the collection for the future.

It seems that they are having an easier time dealing with the powerful dynasty than others who, either by accident or design, have come into possession of large quantities of Kennedy memorabili­a. In his book American Legacy: The Story of John And Caroline Kennedy, author C. David Heymann quotes businessma­n Robert L. White, the largest collector of Kennedy memorabili­a in the world: ‘The Kennedys made my life miserable. I tried to appease them by offering the JFK Library and Museum a number of these items. But that didn’t satisfy them. They wanted everything. Ted Kennedy led the charge, but there’s no question that Caroline was behind it all…’

In 1998 after two members of the public put their JFK artefacts up for auction (the items came from former JFK aides) Caroline hired an army of lawyers to stop it, and when that failed, she questioned the items’ authentici­ty. Given her vigilance, perhaps the real surprise about the correspond­ence between her mother and an Irish priest is that it got so close to auction.

WHILE discussing Peaches Geldof’s heroin habit, former junkie Courtney Love, pictured, says she is glad that her own daughter, Frances Bean, is ‘sensible’. Too bad that the admiration is not reciprocat­ed. Mother and daughter have been at war for years, with their feud culminatin­g in Frances winning a restrainin­g order against her mother amid claims of domestic violence.

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