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Let’sgetour priorities right


DONAL ÓG CUSACK says there are counties where hurling is seen as a threat. He is probably right, just as there are places where footballs are resented as distractio­ns. If football is an obstacle, the attitude in some traditiona­l counties is no help, either.

John Corcoran was the chairman of a divisional board in Cork who, last winter, reacted to a complaint from Carlow about proposed National League structures. ‘For somebody from Carlow to be lecturing Cork on hurling is akin to Jedward telling Pavarotti how to sing,’ said Corcoran.

If it is unreasonab­le to claim one man speaks for a county, it is naïve to believe such opinions are not held by others in the traditiona­l powers. The entire discussion of the need to spread hurling beyond a handful of counties exposes the daftness of those who want it as an Olympic sport. Let’s concentrat­e on Kerry before targeting Kinshasa.

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