Bitch? I’m Madonna

Her Madgesty makes friends fast, but keep­ing them? That’s an­other story. Here are four of her most fa­mous fallings-out...

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The pair met at a party where Madonna chat­ted hap­pily to Everett (right), but ig­nored ev­ery­one else. ‘Manners were some­thing she had dis­carded at base camp,’ he said later. Their friend­ship un­rav­elled af­ter he wrote that she looked like a Pi­casso and be­haved like ‘a whiny old bar­maid’ when stressed, in his first mem­oir in 2006.


In the 1990s, co­me­dian San­dra Bern­hard was a close pal. Then some­thing changed. Nei­ther Bern­hard nor Madge has di­vulged what hap­pened but Bern­hard said: ‘I look at my friend­ship with her as like hav­ing a gall­stone: you deal with it, there is pain, and then you pass it.’


In 2002 El­ton branded Madonna’s theme song for Die An­other Day as ‘the worst Bond tune ever’. Then, at the 2004 Q Awards, added: ‘Madonna, live act? F*** off. Since when has lip­sync­ing been live? That’s me off her Christ­mas card list, but do I give a toss? No.’ Madonna has ap­peared to want to mend the rift. ‘He’s known to get mad at me,’ she said in 2012, ‘but I adore him.’


The two blon­des were once besties but fell out af­ter Madonna fired their shared per­sonal trainer, Tracy An­der­son, and told Gwyneth she should too. When Pal­trow re­fused, Madonna ended their friend­ship. In 2011, Pal­trow al­luded to the feud on her blog, writ­ing about an ‘in­suf­fer­able’ friend who left her feel­ing ‘drained, empty and be­lit­tled’.

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