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There’s an amaz­ing €2,000 prize for the first cor­rect so­lu­tion drawn at ran­dom in our gen­eral knowl­edge Prize Cross­word. En­tries must ar­rive by Fri­day, June 15 (pho­to­copies not ac­cepted). To­day’s so­lu­tion will ap­pear next week and the win­ner’s name on Sun­day, July 1. You must com­plete the iSpy box to en­ter. SEE BE­LOW THE GRID for de­tails on how to en­ter – and good luck! Across

10 Coun­try on the Per­sian Gulf with one of the high­est per capita in­comes in the world (6) 11 Novelist and poet, the UK Chil­dren’s Lau­re­ate 20072009 (7,5) 12 A river in Cen­tral Europe, ris­ing in the Czech Repub­lic and flow­ing north and west to the Baltic (4) 13 A toxic met­al­loid el­e­ment; a by-prod­uct of the smelt­ing of cop­per, lead, cobalt and gold ores (7) 14 En­vi­ron­men­tal ac­tivist who served as the 45th Vice Pres­i­dent of the US from 1993 to 2001 (2,4) 15 Restau­rant at­tached to a fac­tory or school, pro­vid­ing meals for a large num­ber of peo­ple (7) 16 For­mer British Con­ser­va­tive MP who served in John Ma­jor’s Cab­i­net be­fore re­sign­ing in 1992 (5,6) 20 A rare black-and-grey short-winged Hawai­ian goose with half-webbed feet (4) 21 A felt hat with a broad brim and a high crown, worn tra­di­tion­ally by cow­boys (7) 22 Is­land of the In­ner He­brides West of Mull, site of Fin­gal’s Cave (6) 23 Machu –––, a ru­ined In­can city in South Peru, aban­doned dur­ing the Span­ish conquest (6) 25 The cap­i­tal of Cyprus, on the Pedieos River (7) 27 The south­ern-most city in Por­tu­gal, cap­i­tal of the Al­garve (4) 28 Seve –––, Span­ish golfer who won the Masters twice and The Open Cham­pi­onship three times (11) 29 An in­crease in wages or salary (3,4) 32 De­fen­sive cov­er­ing worn by medieval war­riors to pre­vent in­jury in bat­tle (6) 35 Short-sleeved lightweight tops with no col­lar or but­tons (1-6) 36 Plant with yel­low-and-red flow­ers and ed­i­ble green pods (4) 37 20th Cen­tury English writer known for her fem­i­nist and mag­i­cal re­al­ist works (6,6) 38 Jean-Au­guste-Do­minique – – –, French Neo­clas­si­cal pain­ter (6)


1 The first Sun­day in Lent (12) 2 A clasp or pin for hold­ing hair in place (8) 3 Mil­i­tary com­mand to stand in a re­laxed po­si­tion with the feet apart and hands be­hind the back (2,4) 4 A mem­ber of a tra­di­tion­al­ist Chris­tian group in North Amer­ica (5) 5 Dis­grace­ful ac­tions or events (8) 6 The wife of a marquis, or a woman with the same rank as a marquis (11) 7 A moun­tain­ous is­land off the West coast of Italy, fa­mous for be­ing Napoleon Bon­a­parte’s first place of ex­ile (4) 8 A land­locked repub­lic in East Cen­tral Asia, with the Gobi Desert in the south (8) 9 An al­co­holic drink brewed from ce­real grains (4) 17 A small con­stel­la­tion in the South­ern Hemi­sphere, ly­ing be­tween the South­ern Cross and Chamaeleon (5) 18 Ma­jor road in the West End of Lon­don, known for its nu­mer­ous shops (6,6) 19 A type of prim­i­tive hu­man, present through­out much of Europe in late Palae­olithic times (11) 21 Sharp-spiked wheels fixed to the heels of a rider’s boots (5) 24 A moor near In­ver­ness in Scot­land, the site of a 1746 bat­tle in which Gov­ern­ment troops de­feated the Ja­co­bites (8) 26 Makes gar­ments by loop­ing and in­ter­twin­ing thread with a hooked nee­dle (8) 27 Units of length each equal to 220 yards (8) 30 The state cap­i­tal of Texas, USA (6) 31 City of –––, cel­e­brated as the first British steam lo­co­mo­tive to have ex­ceeded 100mph (5) 33 The stan­dard mone­tary unit of South Africa (4) 34 To cut or har­vest a crop (4)

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