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Our Bare Bones Cross­word is unique be­cause you have to com­plete the grid – num­bers and squares – as well. We have in­serted four black squares and four clue num­bers to get you go­ing. The cross­word has a four-way sym­me­try: both top and bot­tom and left and right match, so you can fill in 12 more squares straight away. There is a prize of a Collins Pocket Th­e­saurus. Send your so­lu­tion to: Bare Bones Puz­zle No.609, The Irish Mail on Sun­day, PO Box 5332, Cardiff Lane, Dublin 2. En­tries must ar­rive by Fri­day (pho­to­copies not ac­cepted). The win­ner of Bare Bones No.608 is Doire­ann Casey, Bail­ick Road, Mi­dle­ton, Co. Cork.


7 Pres­sure to get a French joke 8 Sy­co­phant found in the slow lane 10 Spin­ning around a pub 11 Nat­ter about find­ing io­dine in fer­til­izer 12 City that’s most im­por­tant for money 13 Sol­dier finds a book huge 14 Poet gets point of sim­ple dis­guise 19 Play­ing golf with a politi­cian – that makes things clearer (two words) 20 Suc­ces­sor finds lease in­cludes Euro­pean ship 21 Grounded crea­ture loses it­self in the mu­sic 22 Towel used by church that’s not very ad­vanced (two words, hy­phen­ated) 23 For­est con­tains raw ma­te­rial


1 Small tree forms part of the book 2 No par­tic­u­lar ob­ject get­ting ob­jec­tion? Hardly (two words) 3 Grad­u­ate set to roll 4 De­ter­mined courage to play the guitar 5 Beer with some fruit that’s soft (two words) 6 Fish in the cor­ner 8 Links let­ters to some flex­i­ble pro­tec­tion (two words) 9 Help rinse out and fill again 15 Pro­pose to take front off money box 16 Sec­ond piece con­tains some eggs 17 Form of light­ning seen on the bed? 18 Some­thing of value, as ar­ranged

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