What is Guil­lainBarré dis­ease?

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GUIL­LAIN-BARRÉ syn­drome is a rare but se­ri­ous au­toim­mune dis­or­der in which the im­mune sys­tem at­tacks healthy nerve cells in your pe­riph­eral ner­vous sys­tem. This leads to weak­ness, numb­ness and tin­gling. It can even­tu­ally cause paral­y­sis. The cause of this con­di­tion is un­known, but it’s typ­i­cally trig­gered by an in­fec­tious ill­ness.

The pre­cise cause of Guil­lain-Barré is un­known.

The nerves in your pe­riph­eral ner­vous sys­tem con­nect your brain to the rest of your body and trans­mit sig­nals to your mus­cles. In Guil­lainBarré syn­drome, the pe­riph­eral ner­vous sys­tem is at­tacked and the mus­cles won’t be able to re­spond to sig­nals they re­ceive from your brain if these nerves are dam­aged. The symp­toms can progress very rapidly.

Ac­cord­ing to in­for­ma­tion on the UK National Health Ser­vice web­site: ‘Most peo­ple even­tu­ally make a full re­cov­ery from Guil­lain-Barré syn­drome, but this can take a long time and some peo­ple have longterm prob­lems. But the vast ma­jor­ity of peo­ple re­cover within a year.’

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