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There’s an amaz­ing €2,000 prize for the first cor­rect so­lu­tion drawn at ran­dom in our gen­eral knowl­edge Prize Cross­word. En­tries must ar­rive by Fri­day, Septem­ber 21 (pho­to­copies not ac­cepted). To­day’s so­lu­tion will ap­pear next week and the win­ner’s name on Sun­day, Oc­to­ber 7. You must com­plete the iSpy box to en­ter. SEE BE­LOW THE GRID for de­tails on how to en­ter – and good luck!

Across 1 19th Cen­tury Rus­sian nov­el­ist and drama­tist who wrote the play A Month In The Coun­try (4,8) 8 Fee­ble­ness of mind, es­pe­cially as a re­sult of old age (6) 11 The right to vote, es­pe­cially in pub­lic elec­tions (8) 12 In fairy tales, a ser­vant who ap­pears by magic and ful­fils a per­son’s wishes (5) 13 In the Old Tes­ta­ment, a He­brew pa­tri­arch who built a ship to sur­vive the Flood (4) 14 The rear part of a ship or boat (5) 15 Large gun dog with a white coat speck­led with liver, brown or yel­low­ish mark­ings (7,6) 17 Hu­mor­ous po­ems with five lines (9) 19 Moby Dick’s nar­ra­tor and only sur­viv­ing crew mem­ber of the Pe­quod (7) 23 A strong spirit pop­u­lar in Turkey and the Balkan coun­tries, usu­ally flavoured with aniseed or other aro­mat­ics (4) 24 The ac­count­ing depart­ment of the Trea­sury, re­spon­si­ble for re­ceiv­ing and is­su­ing funds (9) 25 A male horse or pony un­der the age of four (4) 26 See 28 28 and 26 19th Cen­tury author whose works in­cluded the nov­els Mary Bar­ton and Cran­ford (9,7) 31 Berk­shire res­i­dence of the Bri­tish monarch (7,6) 34 A race be­tween two or more teams of con­tes­tants in which each con­tes­tant cov­ers a spec­i­fied por­tion of the dis­tance (5) 36 Eric –––, mem­ber of the Monty Python com­edy team (4) 37 ––– lily, sum­mer-flow­er­ing plant with a white fun­nelshaped spathe and glossy green leaves (5) 38 In­flam­ma­tion of the mu­cous mem­brane that lines the nose (8) 39 A hot spring that dis­charges a col­umn of steam and water (6) 40 The act of re­call­ing or nar­rat­ing past ex­pe­ri­ences (12) Down 2 London Sil­ver –––, sub­ter­ranean mar­ket in Chancery Lane (6) 3 The chief con­sort of the Egyp­tian pharaoh Akhen­aten (9) 4 A tree na­tive to Java, with a poi­sonous milky sap (4) 5 A small gar­den bird, with yel­low patches on the wings and tail (10) 6 ––– Mansell, Bri­tish rac­ing driver who won the For­mula One World Cham­pi­onship in 1992 (5) 7 To dis­ap­pear sud­denly or mys­te­ri­ously (6) 8 Solid par­ti­cles that set­tle at the bot­tom of some liq­uids (5) 9 Char­ac­ter in Charles Dick­ens’ A Christ­mas Carol (4,3) 10 Amer­i­can ac­tress who mar­ried Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, in 1956 (5,5) 16 To an­nul or re­scind of­fi­cially; re­voke (6) 18 The sound of a bell rung to an­nounce a death or fu­neral (5) 20 A per­son who copied doc­u­ments be­fore the in­ven­tion of print­ing (6) 21 A pat­tern of drum beats pro­duced by us­ing al­ter­nate sticks (10) 22 Amer­i­can as­tro­naut who be­came the sec­ond per­son to set foot on the Moon in July 1969 (4,6) 25 First name of the Duchess of Cam­bridge (9) 27 Bean-shaped or­gans that fil­ter the blood (7) 29 Of or re­lat­ing to the eye (6) 30 An­other name for the cas­sava plant (6) 32 Name of­ten used for a stat­uette awarded by the Acad­emy of Mo­tion Pic­ture Arts and Sciences (5) 33 A large mass of small crea­tures, es­pe­cially in­sects (5) 35 Sweet fruits from a tree or shrub of the genus Fi­cus (4)

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