Vogue: I shop on se­cret site where all the stuff is FREE

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VOGUE Wil­liams has re­vealed that she is flooded with gifts – and shops on a spe­cial free and ex­clu­sive web­site for so­cial me­dia stars.

The pre­sen­ter spills the beans about the perks of celebrity in her new RTÉ doc­u­men­tary.

In Vogue, My Spon­sored Life she tells how she has ac­cess to a web­site for fa­mous in­flu­encers – where she can or­der goods with­out pay­ing for any­thing: ‘It’s like on­line shop­ping but you are not pay­ing for any­thing. So you are just click­ing on things you want that brands have of­fered on the off-chance you will post about them or In­sta-story about them.

‘That is just crazy – but it is also ab­so­lutely amaz­ing. I just got some new bed sheets to­day and I didn’t have to pay for them,’ she says.

In her doc­u­men­tary, the new mother delves into how ‘likes’ and retweets have cre­ated on­line em­pires for a gen­er­a­tion of so­cial me­dia stars known as in­flu­encers.

And thanks to her 83,000 Twit­ter fol­low­ers and 343,000 In­sta­gram fol­low­ers, the gifts keep rolling in. ‘I am a lucky b **** ,’ she ad­mits. ‘Com­pa­nies send me gifts in the hopes I will post about them. I get a lot of free trips away. But if it is a re­ally good prod­uct I will just share it with peo­ple, even if I’m not be­ing paid.’

But there are some things she won’t en­dorse.

Vogue was re­cently asked, post­preg­nancy, to post about an in­ti­mate spray but flatly re­fused.

‘Those sorts of things are pri­vate. I guess any­thing be­low the waist I won’t pro­mote,’ she says. ‘No, maybe I could do it for €100,000.’ Vogue: My Spon­sored Life airs this Wed­nes­day at 9.30pm on RTÉ2.

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