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There’s an amaz­ing €2,000 prize for the first cor­rect so­lu­tion drawn at ran­dom in our gen­eral knowl­edge Prize Cross­word. En­tries must ar­rive by Fri­day, Novem­ber 16 (pho­to­copies not ac­cepted). To­day’s so­lu­tion will ap­pear next week and the win­ner’s name on Sun­day, De­cem­ber 2. You must com­plete the iSpy box to en­ter. SEE BE­LOW THE GRID for de­tails on how to en­ter – and good luck!


1 A draw­ing or paint­ing of one­self (4-8) 8 Farm­ing tool with a short han­dle and curved blade (6) 11 ––– Scrooge, char­ac­ter in Charles Dick­ens’s A Christ­mas Carol (8) 12 An ex­tra play­ing card in a pack (5) 13 ––– swan, Eurasian bird with a pure white plumage and an orange-red bill with a black bor­der (4) 14 Dif­fi­cul­ties or hid­den ob­sta­cles (5) 15 In me­te­o­rol­ogy, a mea­sure of wind ve­loc­i­ties on ob­jects on land or at sea (8,5) 17 Michael –––, Bri­tish Con­ser­va­tive deputy PM 19951997 (9) 19 Ed­mund –––, New Zealand­born moun­taineer and ex­plorer who reached the sum­mit of Mount Ever­est with Ten­z­ing Nor­gay in May 1953 (7) 23 The ex­ter­nal cov­er­ing of some fruits and seeds (4) 24 Betty –––, the Speaker of Bri­tain’s House of Com­mons 1992-2000 (9) 25 A fresh­wa­ter fish with a slen­der bluish-green body (4) 26 Oblit­er­ates or makes in­dis­tinct (7) 28 1968 film for which Bar­bra Streisand won an Os­car, based on a stage mu­si­cal in which Streisand starred on Broad­way (5,4) The Lon­don res­i­dence of the Arch­bishop of Can­ter­bury (7,6) 34 A dirty mark or smudge (5) 36 A plat­form or stand on which a cof­fin rests be­fore burial (4) 37 A card game for four in which the two sides try to win the bal­ance of 13 tricks (5) 38 Oc­cu­pa­tions, hob­bies or pas­times (8) 39 Not able to be moved or dis­turbed eas­ily; sta­ble (6) 40 Late-Ro­man­tic Aus­trian com­poser and con­duc­tor (6,6)


2 Chris –––, Bri­tish boxer who held the WBO mid­dleweight and su­per-mid­dleweight ti­tles in the 1990s (6) 3 Heav­ily scented Mediter­ranean plant with hairy stems and white flow­ers, cul­ti­vated for forage and its medic­i­nal seeds (9) 4 A strong, aniseed­flavoured spirit from Greece (4) 5 An early ragtime, one-step ball­room dance, pop­u­lar in the First World War (6,4) 6 A for­mer prov­ince of Western France, in the Loire Val­ley (5) 7 To em­ploy or hire (4,2) 8 A struc­tural rod or bar form­ing part of a frame­work, de­signed to re­sist com­pres­sion (5) 9 Caus­ing laugh­ter, lu­di­crous (7) 10 The state cap­i­tal of Arkansas, USA (6,4) 16 A small smooth stone rounded by the ac­tion of wa­ter (6) 18 Jawa­har­lal –––, the first prime min­is­ter of In­dia (5) 20 A blue-vi­o­let hue; a spec­tral colour (6) 21 An ad­vo­cate of the ex­ten­sion of the right to vote, es­pe­cially to women (10) 22 The horn of plenty; a sym­bol of abun­dance (10) 25 Port in South Devon; lo­ca­tion of Bri­tain’s Royal Naval Col­lege (9) 27 Prov­ince of Western Canada; the cap­i­tal of which is Ed­mon­ton (7) 29 ––– For­est, area of an­cient wood­land in South­ern Eng­land, a for­mer royal hunt­ing ground (6) 30 Jean-Paul –––, French philoso­pher and writer who re­fused to ac­cept the 1964 No­bel Prize in Lit­er­a­ture (6) 32 ––– owl, bird of prey with red­dish-brown or grey plumage, black eyes and a round head (5) 33 In Greek mythol­ogy, a fruit that in­duced for­get­ful­ness and a dreamy lan­guor in those who ate it (5) 35 Steve –––, Bri­tish ath­lete who set world records in the 1500m, 2000m and the mile in 1985 (4)

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