Twit­ter makes a meal of Leo

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THE so­cial me­dia post, since with­drawn, ac­cused An Taoiseach of re­ceiv­ing a ‘free meal’ with friends at the Kylie con­cert. It in­spired on­line wags to imag­ine sim­i­lar­ily bizarre sit­u­a­tions a fic­tional Mr Varad­kar might have blagged his way into. Conor Smith @conor­smith: I was in Boo­jum yes­ter­day evening and saw Leo Varad­kar in the queue ahead of me and he kept ask­ing for the stu­dent dis­count until they gave it to him. Leon Thot­sky @mikedolan_vevo: Can’t be­lieve I saw leo varad­kar at the self check­out in tesco yes­ter­day ring­ing ev­ery­thing up as pota­toes and steal­ing a fist­ful of blue to­kens. Jambo @wild_­manta: I was in a chip­per in Gal­way last year, and Leo Varad­kar came up to me, slyly grabbed one of my chips and ate it, say­ing ‘No one will be­lieve you’. Then he de­nied me hous­ing. Fiona Hyde @and­goseek: I was in The Academy last week­end and Leo Varad­kar kept in­sist­ing to the door staff he was on the cheap list even though it had closed at 11pm. Even­tu­ally they just gave it to him. It’s a f**king dis­grace Eve Belle @EveBelleSongs: Leo Varad­kar just pushed me out of the way to get on the 46a, called me ‘a stupid poor’, tapped a child leap­card and then lay down across the back seat and started singing won­der­wall by oa­sis at the top of his lungs – wasn’t a fan be­fore, now I’m def­i­nitely not. Alan Maguire @alan_­maguire: Look, I don’t know whether Leo Varad­kar did or didn’t have a meal at a con­cert but what I do know is that hav­ing a meal at a con­cert is just about the most Fine Gael thing ever.

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