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‘I don’t have the whole ear, just a section of it that fell off on its way to London, so I’m keeping hold of that.’

Orla O’Connor, whose late father Brendan – along with his twin Ciarán and five other NCAD student friends – stole the head of Nelson after the pillar was blown up in 1966.

‘He told me the first day he offered me my job that his job, first, second and last, was never to let her down.’

Michael Parker, the duke of Edinburgh’s Navy friend and his first private secretary, reveals Prince Philip’s devotion to Queen Elizabeth.

‘He said, “Hi Christie, it’s The Donald.” He actually calls himself “The Donald”.’

Former supermodel Christie Brinkley, 67, recalls when Donald Trump ‘tried it on’ by calling her hotel room to offer her a lift on his private jet.

‘The Imran I knew used to say, “Put a veil on the man’s eyes, not on the woman”.’

Jemima Goldsmith condemns her ex-husband, Imran Khan, after the Pakistani prime minister suggested rape victims are to blame for their attacks.

‘Stop comparing bodies and situations. My body is not here for your comparison so please don’t judge it.’ Broadcaste­r Laura Whitmore responds to online critics who wrote negative comments about her return to work days after her baby was born.

‘Keep reading about single people looking forward to a summer of love but I just made some wild garlic pesto so it could be a while for me yet.’

Writer Sophia Money-Coutts fears her homemade sauce will

put off potential suitors.

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