Would you like fried chicken with that? Yeahhh bwoyyy!

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Some sto­ries just make us cackle with glee. In fact, any story these days that doesn’t in­volve the mu­sic in­dus­try do­ing stupid things to an­noy mu­sic fans is go­ing to get some lulz.

This week, it’s the tale of Fla­vor Flav and his prospec­tive chain of Flav’s Fried Chicken restau­rants that stands out. Hey, what’s not to like about Fla­vor Flav and fried chicken? The Pub­lic En­emy wing­man with a pen­chant for over­sized time­pieces has opened his first fried-chicken joint in Clin­ton, Iowa. The 26,000 peo­ple who live in the town – which, food fact lovers, gave the world God­fa­ther’s Pizza founder Wil­liam Theisen – will be the first to find out if there’s a bang of KFC off a bucket of FFC.

In fact, just to sig­nal his in­tent in the fried-chicken wars (you did know about the fried-chicken wars, right?), Flav’s first fast-food res­tau­rant is lo­cated right next door to a KFC out­let. The Colonel is be­lieved to be non­plussed by the com­pe­ti­tion, es­pe­cially as that KFC out­let has been in busi­ness since 1963 and has seen off six or seven other com­pe­ti­tiors in that time.

Yet ev­ery hip-hop act worth their gold teeth and Ja­cob the Jew­eler loy­alty card knows that the game is all about ex­pan­sion and tweak­ing the brand. As Dan Char­nas points out in his ex­cel­lent book The Big Pay­back about the his­tory of the hip-hop busi­ness, hip-hop has al­ways been about that blend­ing of art and com­merce. Back when Flav was a Def Jam pin-up, though, surely no one thought the day would come when he was flog­ging fried chicken in a mall in Iowa. It would make a great TV show, all the same.

(Young Turks) The pair coo at each over a beau­ti­ful mu­sic box of a tune to be re­leased on heart-shaped vinyl on Valen­tine’s Day.

Route 109) Su­perb

(The ra­dio-friendly track as the Kells band dis­play a pre­vi­ously un­her­alded light­ness of touch and win­ning pop smarts.

(Fat Pos­sum) Chicago’s glammy metal gu­rus chan­nel their in­ner Len­non on a sec­ond al­bum chock-a-block with heaven-sent oohs and aahs.

(Cash Money) Nicki re­cruits Weezy to spit some verses and rolls out an­other mon­ster.

Fla­vor Flav: clock­ing in at the fast food joint

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