Hugely en­ter­tain­ing an­i­ma­tion con­cern­ing a fam­ily of pre­his­toric cave dwellers who en­counter an ad­vanced hu­man and em­brace the ad­vance of civil­i­sa­tion. Orig­i­nally in­tended for Aard­man Stu­dios, the

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ALL STARS Di­rected by Ben Gre­gor. Star­ring Theo Steven­son, Akai Osei-Mans­field The bull­doz­ers are revving in the dis­tance and the fate of an ill-de­fined tween hangout hangs in the bal­ance. En­ter en­ter­pris­ing Ethan (Steven­son) and con­sci­en­tious Jaden (Osei-Mans­field), two kids with a dream of host­ing and win­ning a tal­ent show. Surely the prize money and an un­likely dance crew – posh kids, tough girl, to­ken fat child – can stop those bull­doz­ers and save the day? Ah here. Not this film again. G cert, gen re­lease, 106 min BERNIE Di­rected by Richard Lin­klater. Star­ring Jack Black Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughe­y Lin­klater’s 17th fea­ture stars Jack Black (never bet­ter) as the twin­kling bach­e­lor mor­ti­cian of the ti­tle. Bernie’s ded­i­ca­tion to his craft and his old-fash­ioned south­ern gen­tle­man man­ners brings no lit­tle de­light to the older women and wi­d­ows of Carthage, Texas. En­ter the Dragon Lady in the men­ac­ing form of Mar­jorie (MacLaine), a de­mand­ing mil­lion­airess who treats Bernie with the same con­tempt she lav­ishes on ev­ery­body else. We’re as sur­prised as the cur­tain-twitch­ing towns­folk when Mar­jorie and Bernie be­come some­thing of an item; we’re even more sur­prised by what hap­pens next. 12A cert, IMC Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, 99 min NEW RE­LEASE BE­WARE OF MR BAKER 15A cert, Light House, Dublin (also on Volta), 92 min See re­view, page 13 CHIM­PANZEE Di­rected by Alas­tair Fothergill, Mark Lin­field. Nar­rated by Tim Allen Pro­duced in as­so­ci­a­tion with pri­ma­tol­o­gist Jane Goodall and shot over four years, this Dis­ney doc faced un­com­mon dif­fi­cul­ties get­ting up close and per­sonal with its sub­jects in Côte d’Ivoire’s Taï National Park dur­ing the wet sea­son. The film-mak­ers’ pa­tience pays off: over the course of the shoot, an or­phaned in­fant chimp is adopted by a lone alpha male. So why is Chim­panzee so un­ex­pect­edly use­less? Speak­ing in sound­bites that make March of the Pen­guins seem like the Shoah, Tim Allen’s voiceover just won’t quit with base an­thro­po­mor­phis­ing. G cert, gen re­lease, 78 min THE CROODS Di­rected by Kirk DeMicco, Chris San­ders. Voices of Ni­co­las Cage, Ryan Reynolds even­tual re­sult is glossier than that most of that en­ter­prise’s work, but it still re­tains a stripe of sheer oddness. Whales oc­cupy the land. Killer birds swarm. There’s some­thing here for all the fam­ily. G cert, gen re­lease, 98 min DEAD­FALL Di­rected by Ste­fan Ru­zow­itzky. Star­ring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Char­lie Hun­nam, Kate Mara, Treat Wil­liams, Kris Kristof­fer­son, Sissy Spacek A brother and sis­ter flee the law in a snowy part of the US. Aus­trian di­rec­tor Ru­zow­itzky, win­ner of an Os­car for The Counterfei­ters, splats mess­ily into Amer­ica with this rude ges­ture to­wards the Coens’ Fargo. You couldn’t re­ally call the film an im­i­ta­tion; it’s too chaotic for that. But the echoes cer­tainly abound. Sadly, the com­par­i­son just high­lights the wood­en­ness of the dia­logue and DEAD MAN DOWN Di­rected by Niels Ar­den Oplev. Star­ring Colin Far­rell, Noomi Ra­pace, Ter­rence Howard, Dominic Cooper, Is­abelle Hup­pert Dan­ish film-maker Oplev di­rects Ir­ish­man Far­rell and English­man Cooper as Hun­gar­ian mob­sters in New York un­der the com­mand of Illi­noisan Ter­rence Howard. Con­fused? Well, just you wait un­til Colin’s Swedish girl­friend (Ra­pace), her French mother (Hup­pert) and the Al­ba­nian gang­sters get here. Gotham City has sel­dom seemed as bizarrely and con­fus­ingly mul­ti­cul­tural as it does in this rea­son­ably nifty crime thriller. That is, un­til the fi­nal reel, when it all goes a bit crazy and Ger­ard But­ler-ish. 15A cert, gen re­lease, 117 min the scat­ter­shot na­ture of the plot. Far­rago, more like. 15A cert, gen re­lease, 94 min NEW RE­LEASE FAST & FURIOUS 6 12A cert, gen re­lease, 130 min See re­view, page 13 NEW RE­LEASE THE GREAT GATSBY 12A cert, gen re­lease, 143 min See re­view, page 12 FIND­ING NEMO 3D Di­rected by An­drew Stan­ton, Lee Unkrich. Voices of Al­bert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres Mar­lin, a neu­rotic clown­fish, re­cently wid­owed, frets fu­ri­ously over Nemo, his cheeky son, when the wee chap gets ab­ducted by divers and de­posited in an Aus­tralian den­tist’s fish tank. Still with­out a se­quel (though one is loom­ing), Find­ing Nemo, though it’s nei­ther as am­bi­tious as Wall-E nor nor as ground­break­ing as Toy Story, eas­ily reg­is­ters as a front-run­ner for Pixar’s best ever film. G cert, gen re­lease, 100 min THE GATE­KEEP­ERS Di­rected by Dror Moreh Nom­i­nated for an Os­car at the most re­cent cer­e­mony, Dror Moreh’s ter­rific doc­u­men­tary on Shin Bet, the in­ter­nal Is­raeli se­cu­rity ser­vice, can stand happily be­side Er­rol Mor­ris’s The Fog of War as a cin­e­matic il­lus­tra­tion of how hu­man psy­ches bend be­neath the pres­sure of ter­ri­ble ac­tions. Six for­mer di­rec­tors of the body speak frankly about com­pro­mises and out­rages. Al­most all con­clude that com­pro­mise with the Pales­tini­ans is the only way for­ward. Fas­ci­nat­ing stuff. Club, Light House, Dublin, 101 min Trek Into Dark­ness, national re­lease NEW RE­LEASE A HI­JACK­ING/KAPRIN­GEN 15A cert, IFI/Light House, Dublin, 103 min See re­view, page 18

Star GOOD VI­BRA­TIONS Di­rected by Lisa Bar­ros D’Sa and Glenn Ley­burn. Star­ring Richard Dormer, Jodie Whit­taker, Dy­lan Mo­ran, Adrian Dun­bar, Liam Cunningham Teenage kicks re­ally are hard to beat. The birth of Ul­ster Punk and the mis­ad­ven­tures of punk god­fa­ther Terri Hoo­ley, good­na­turedly bounces into cinemas. Work­ing from a deftly comic script by Colin Car­berry and Glenn Pat­ter­son, the sopho­more di­rec­tors have forged a movie in the same an­ar­chic spirit as the mu­sic that in­spired the pro­ject. The feel-good hit of the sea­son. 15A cert, lim re­lease, 103 min I’M SO EX­CITED/LOS AMANTES PASAJEROS Di­rected by Pe­dro Almod­ó­var. Star­ring An­to­nio de la Torre, Javier Cá­mara, Pepa Charro, Lola Dueñas, An­to­nio Ban­deras, Péne­lope Cruz The lat­est from Almod­ó­var con­cerns a group of trav­ellers trapped on an air­liner with a faulty un­der­car­riage. It seems al­most un­be­liev­ably light­weight. Squint at the screen, how­ever, and it be­comes clear that Almod­ó­var has a se­ri­ous pur­pose in mind. The film works as a rig­or­ous metaphor for the cur­rent malaise in Span­ish so­ci­ety. That’s fine. But the jokes aren’t quite good enough and the struc­ture is just too rick­ety. Still, mi­nor Almod­ó­var is bet­ter than none at all. 16 cert, Triskel, Cork; IFI/Light House, Dublin, 90 min IRON MAN 3 Di­rected by Shane Black. Star­ring Robert Downey Jr, Ben Kings­ley, Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Pal­trow, Don Chea­dle Stressed out af­ter his ex­er­tions in The Avengers, the man in the suit (Downey Jr) is faced with a new threat: an anti-Amer­i­can, quasi- Is­lamist ter­ror­ist named The Man­darin (Kings­ley). Shorter and less self-re­gard­ing than most Mar­vel movies, Iron Man 3 is ev­ery bit as zippy as we might ex­pect from Black, the cre­ator of Lethal Weapon and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The jokes are strong and Kings­ley is an evil de­light through­out. All you can ex­pect from a Mar­vel movie. 12A cert, gen re­lease, 130 min

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED Di­rected by Su­sanne Bier. Star­ring Pierce Bros­nan, Trine Dyrholm Bier, Dan­ish di­rec­tor of tough Dogme dra­mas, loosens up with a largely suc­cess­ful ro­man­tic com­edy about a can­cer sur­vivor (Dyrholm) and a wid­ower (Bros­nan) who meet up at their chil­dren’s wed­ding. Dyrholm plays the com­edy and the drama with the same fur­rowed con­vic­tion, but (even af­ter all this time) it is Bros­nan who de­liv­ers the rev­e­la­tory per­for­mance. Gosh darn it, the man re­ally can act. And he’s funny on pur­pose. 15A cert, lim re­lease, 116 min

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