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What’s on your rider? Beer, wine, fruit and prof­iteroles. What would be on your fan­tasy rider? As above but posher; maybe some truf­fle deriva­tions? What’s your pre-gig rit­ual/ rou­tine? We all have dif­fer­ent ways, but we try to play to­gether for a while to get into it. It ac­tu­ally seems to work some­times. Other than that, it’s star jumps and team-build­ing in­ter­pre­tive dance. What’s the best gig you’ve

been to? Beck sup­port­ing Ra­dio­head at Mead­ow­bank Sta­dium in Ed­in­burgh. He had a pup­pet show of the band go­ing at one side of the stage. When he came on dressed as a bear, a lit­tle pup­pet bear ap­peared, too. Come on!

And the worst? That’s tricky. In the in­ter­ests of not slag­ging off any­one else, I’m go­ing to say my own per­for­mance at a fes­ti­val in the north of Scot­land. Hav­ing fin­ished for the week­end and hav­ing had sev­eral gin & ton­ics, I was per­suaded to re­place a no-show. Dis­as­trous. What are your favourite and least favourite venues? My cur­rent favourite might be the Glas­gow Royal Con­cert Hall, but re­ally I’m not ter­ri­bly fussy. There are none I dis­like par­tic­u­larly; that said, I’m never too keen on hav­ing to do my own sound. Who is the most fa­mous per­son to have shown up at one of your gigs? We did a gig with Jack Bruce from Cream. Does that count? Most em­bar­rass­ing on-stage mo­ment? For­get­ting lyrics is al­ways a bum­mer, or fall­ing through a chair mid-set at a fes­ti­val. One guy in the audi- ence started shout­ing “Lay off the pies!”. I car­ried on for the rest of the num­ber with my arse hang­ing out the un­der­side of the seat.

What’s your crowd-pleas­ing

num­ber? Peo­ple seem to like the “lang” set. There’s a fair amount of ten­sion in it, and the re­lease at the end of­ten re­sults in a bit of an­i­mal­is­tic roar­ing.

What’s the most you’ve ever

paid for a gig ticket? I can’t be sure, as I don’t go to a lot of arena gigs, so prob­a­bly £40 or so. I’d pay a for­tune to see Tom Waits, though. How many road­ies does it take to change your light­bulbs (ie, how big is your en­tourage)? There are four of us IN to­tal, and al­though the amount of stuff we take on tour has grown ex­po­nen­tially it’s still doable with that num­ber. Have you a spe­cial stage

wardrobe? Gig shoes; it’s quite im­por­tant to put on some­thing dif­fer­ent to achieve a sense of oc­ca­sion. If you do a show ev­ery night it’s easy to get a lit­tle blasé, but folk pay good money to come along, so the lit­tle wardrobe changes help re­mind you of why you’re there. Do you like to meet and greet fans af­ter the gig? Absolutely. We’re al­ways out at the end

hav­ing a yarn and bask­ing in the glory.

Any use­ful stage tips? Re­lax, own the space, don’t over­play un­less it’s re­ally called for. If you start at 100 per cent there’s no head­room for later. What’s the worst thing ever

thrown at you? An egg from a mov­ing car while I was dressed up to the nines and on my way to a wed­ding. Who does that? If you could be in any other band, which one? Led Zep seem to have had quite a lot of fun. Who’s in­vited to your after­show party? Any­one who fan­cies it. Do you fancy it?

In con­ver­sa­tion with Tony Clay­ton-Lea. Lau play Dublin on Satur­day and Cork on Tues­day

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