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3 cert, Nin­tendo, 3DS Another week, another trip down mem­ory lane for Nin­tendo. But Si­esta Fi­esta is worth the jour­ney. Avail­able through the 3DS eShop, the ti­tle com­bines ar­cade ac­tion with a heap of Break­out- style fun.

That may raise a few eye­brows, be­cause Break­out is of­ten copied but never equalled. Si­esta Feista makes it a fun ex­pe­ri­ence with­out seem­ing tired. In­stead of a sim­ple ball and pad­dle to break blocks, the game takes the main char­ac­ter, Si­esta, through Fi­es­taville while he’s asleep. Si­esta is the ball; his bed is the pad­dle.

I’m a sucker for these games. There’s al­ways that com­pul­sion to try just once more to get a lit­tle fur­ther, to boost that high score a lit­tle more.

There are eight re­gions to work your way through, with some of the lev­els scrolling rather than the static lev­els of the Atari clas­sic. They are colour­ful and well de­signed, as well. The game puts your speed ac­cu­racy to the test, be­cause you’ll be re­warded for hit­ting cer­tain tar­gets.

You are also set speed tar­gets (hav­ing to move Si­esta through a spe­cific tar­get in a cer­tain time, for ex­am­ple), which will con­trib­ute to your level rank­ing. That can be bronze (if you sim­ply com­plete it), sil­ver (if you make a bit more of an ef­fort) and gold if you man­age to get some of those hard-to-hit tar­gets. You also have to tackle a boss for each of the eight worlds, which means you must put a bit of thought into how to de­feat each of them.

There are power ups to help achieve all this, from fans to make Si­esta’s bed lev­i­tate to spe­cial bricks that cause chain re­ac­tions, mul­ti­ple balls and even flames to help you out on your way.

There isn’t much in the way of re­play value once you’re done, but it’s a fun jour­ney while it lasts.

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