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Dunne plays it cool

On Tues­day, as Tom Dunne stands in for Sean Moncrieff (New­stalk, week­days), he notes that it’s a much-loved TV star’s birth­day. “On this day in 1945, the Fonz was born,” says Dunne, re­fer­ring to the leather-jack­eted char­ac­ter in 1970s sit­com Happy Days. “In ev­ery show he’s been in, he has a sur­name that’s very hard to pro­nounce,” Dunne adds, cit­ing sub­se­quent roles such as Saper­stein and Mit­tle­man.

Un­der­lin­ing the point, Dunne mis­pro­nounces the name of the iconic Happy Days char­ac­ter as “Arthur ‘Fonzie’ Fonz­erella”. (As any child of the era knows, it was Fonz­erelli.) More perti­nently, Dunne ne­glects to pro­nounce or even men­tion the name of the ac­tor who played all these parts, Henry Win­kler. But Dunne gets away with it: like the Fonz, he stays cool.

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