Sud­den Wild En­thu­si­asms

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Iam so happy! It is fi­nally the start of au­tumn which is, of course, the very best sea­son. And no, please don’t dis­agree and start mak­ing a case for sum­mer or spring or even win­ter, be­cause you are wrong and I am right.

Okay, let’s end this right here.

Let me ask you this: if you had to get fi­nan­cial ad­vice from one of the sea­sons, how do you think you’d fare with spring? Very badly, I’d wa­ger, be­cause spring is out of con­trol. Its heart is in the right place but, like a dog with two mick­eys, it’s un­pre­dictable, highly dis­tractible and prey to base, earthy urges. Spring would ea­gerly urge you to in­vest in some lu­natic scheme. In its in­no­cent, well- mean­ing way, it would be­lieve it would work.

But it wouldn’t.

Win­ter is another kind of beast en­tirely. Win­ter is em­bit­tered and treach­er­ous. Win­ter wants to hurt you, to see you fail. Win­ter would know­ingly and with mal­ice afore­thought steer you to­wards a com­pany that it knows is tee­ter­ing on the verge of ad­min­is­tra­tion. “Buy shares in this crowd,” it would say, with a thin smile. “Go all in. You’ll see.”

And yes, sadly, you will. Sum­mer, on the other hand, is the sea­son that re­ceives the most love, the sea­son that – al­legedly – de­liv­ers. Ev­ery­one’s golden boy, the praise has gone to its head. As a re­sult, sum­mer has be­come bloated and smug. Ar­ro­gant, even. Sum­mer feels it doesn’t have to make any ef­fort. It would sug­gest you put all your worldly goods into a manila en­ve­lope with a promise to in­vest them in a dead cert.

But it might not. Your lit­tle en­ve­lope of cash could stay sit­ting on the top of the telly in sum­mer’s sit­ting room, while it fecks off to Ibiza for six weeks.

Au­tumn is the only sea­son you can re­ally trust. Granted it hasn’t the glam­our of sum­mer or the sap- flow­ing ex­u­ber­ance of spring. And mer­ci­fully none of the cru­elty of win­ter.

Any ad­vice it gives gen­er­ates cau­tious re­turns – au­tumn will never write a cheque it can­not cash.

It’s a no- non­sense sea­son, a mid­dle- of- the- road place, which is nei­ther too hot nor too cold, not too bright and not too dark.

Also, au­tumn is the sea­son of new boots.

The an­tic­i­pa­tion is al­ways thrilling, as we wait ex­pec­tantly, won­der­ing what shape an­kle boots the fash­ion- y types will grant us this year. Clumpy and stridey? Square- heeled and sturdy?

Well, news has ar­rived from on high and “they” have de­creed that the shape of the sea­son is pointy toed and kit­ten heeled.

Ex­quis­ite ver­sions are on of­fer from the likes of Prada, Tabitha Sim­mons, Tods and Stu­art Weizs­man. As you can imag­ine, they are all ut­terly de­li­cious but the prices are pro­hib­i­tive.

Which is where Marks and Spencer comes in: these nim­ble, light- footed bootees come in sev­eral dif­fer­ent colours and in half- sizes, have a pretty but prac­ti­cal heel and are lovely and com­fort­able.

Another win for au­tumn!

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