No Stones left un­turned for Ster­ling

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Ra­heem Ster­ling’s treat­ment by sec­tions of the English press over the years has been a source of not in­con­sid­er­able be­muse­ment, not least to the fella him­self who spoke out about it last month. Among the of­fences high­lighted since he first came to promi­nence was that time he bought his Ma a house, which proved that he’s flashy, and that other time he took an easyJet flight, ev­i­dence that he’s stingy.

One of the finer mo­ments was when the Sun used his photo for a re­port on an am­a­teur foot­baller con­victed of drug deal­ing, even though Ster­ling had abso- lutely no con­nec­tion to him, the only link the fact that they both kick foot­balls and are black.

The Daily Mail pro­duced an­other doozy along those lines last week. Over a story about “LOVE RAT!” John Stones leav­ing his part­ner, they used a photo of the Manch­ester City de­fender with, yes, Ra­heem Ster­ling. As Foot­ball 365 noted, “his face adorns the cen­tral pic­ture, where Stones takes up about 15 per cent of the shot”.

Ster­ling’s con­nec­tion to Stones’ do­mes­tic trou­bles? Eh, ab­so­lutely none.

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