Cap­tur­ing Ir­ish hearts and fall­ing asleep in the Vat­i­can

The Irish Times - Monday - Sport - - Soccer Death Of Jack Charlton -

“If­theteam­per­formshon­estly,deep­down­then­the Ir­ish peo­ple are happy. I like that. They are are re­al­is­tic and so am I. We like one an­other. We don’t foolour­selvesore­a­chother.”


“I said to him ‘thanks very much, David. You’ve had to sit around for a while, but it was worth it.’”

– On O’Leary com­ing out of ex­ile to send Ire­land in to the World Cup quar­ter-fi­nals

“1966atWem­b­ley­wasa­land­mark­in­my­ca­reer,butI think­thi­s­ex­pe­ri­en­cei­sev­en­bet­ter.Tolead­Ire­landto the quar­ter-fi­nals of the World Cup gives me a deep sense­of­sat­is­fac­tio­nandIamde­light­ed­forthe play­ers,the­sup­port­er­sandthep­eo­ple­ofIre­land.”

– On how much that shootout vic­tory over Ro­ma­ni­ain1990mea­nt­to­him.

“The Pope was giv­ing the third bit of his bless­ing and he was look­ing right at me and he had his hand in the air. As I woke up, I thought he was wav­ing at me, so I stood up and waved back.”

– On his event­ful trip to the Vat­i­can

“I wasn’t very good at play­ing foot­ball.ButIwasver­y­goo­dat stop­ping other peo­ple play­ing foot­ball.”


“I just cried . . . I’d been there for 10 years, it was time for me to leave.” –On­leav­ingth­eIr­ishjob

“Ab­so­lutely gut­ted. Fa­ther fig­ure to me for 10 years, thanks for hav­ing faith in me. Sleep well Jack, Loveya.Thinkingof­Pat,JohnandPet­er­atthissad time.”


“Whatafoot­ball man,lovedand adored,es­pe­cially in Ire­land. The best man­agerIwas luck­y­to­play­for.The times we had on and offthep­itch­were price­less.Mythought­sare­with Pat and the fam­ily. RIP my good friend. Never for­got­ten.”


“Jack Charl­ton led the band. He brought us, as a play­er­sand­fans,toplaceswe­n­ev­er­thought pos­si­ble be­fore­hand and gave us so many­pre­cious­mo­ments.He changedliv­es.Forhis play­ers,hegaveus thebest­dayso­four lives.”

– Niall Quinn

“Ilovedthe bones of the man. He changed­mylife,he changede­v­ery­thing­forallo­fus who­played­forIre­lan­dand­just­lookatthe mem­o­rieswe­have.Wewil­lal­wayshaveS­tuttgart and Genoa and Gi­ants Sta­dium thanks to Jack.

That’showwewil­l­re­mem­ber­him,with­a­great bigsmileon­his­face.Iknowthi­sisas­ad­day,butwe will re­mem­ber the great days as well.”

– Mick Mc­Carthy.

“Can’ts­peak...heart’sjust­broke. Lovey­ouJack.” –Ja­sonMcA­teer

“Thanky­ouJack,youchanged Ir­ish foot­ball for the bet­ter, you gave hopetoy­oungkid­s­like­my­selfthatit was pos­si­ble to play in World Cups and thatwew­eren’tthere­tomakethen­um­bers up.Youwill­live­foreveri­nour­hearts.We’re­all partofJack­ie’sarmy. Sleep­wellJack.”


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