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Noth­ing, it seemed, irked Jack more than that oft-told story about him giv­ing pub­li­cans che­ques to pay his bar bills be­cause he knew they’re never cash them.

Back in 2004 the Guardian asked him about it and he at­tempted to set the record straight.

“The cheque [STORY]is a load of rub­bish. It’s an old Stan­ley Matthews story. If there’s one per­son in Ire­land who can pro­duce a cheque from me that was given for that rea­son by me . . . well, I’ll, I’ll . . . give ‘em a load of money.

“It was a piece that was writ­ten by a nasty jour­nal­ist and I got on to me so­lic­i­tor be­cause it’s a load of rub­bish . . . it’s as if some­one’s try­ing to have a go at me that I’m tight. I might be tight, but I cer­tainly don’t go as far as that.”

But while ad­mit­ting to be tight-ish, he in­sisted an­other time that he hadn’t de­manded enor­mous loot from the FAI when he was of­fered the job.

“I told them it wasn’t about the money. It was about the hon­our,’` he said, as re­called by Kevin Mitchell in the Ob­server. “They wrote a num­ber on a piece of pa­per, put the pa­per face-down on the ta­ble and slid it over to me. I looked at it and said: ‘It’s not that much of a **** ing hon­our.’”

As Mitchell put it when sum­ming up this nugget, “he was no­body’s fool”.

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