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bright-eyed lit­tle alien mam­mal in my draw­ing, newly spread­ing in Le­in­ster, is Mus­cardi­nus avel­la­narius, the only liv­ing species in its genus. What is its com­mon name? 2One

colony of a long-out­num­bered Irish ro­dent lives on Lam­bay Is­land off Co Dublin. Which is it? 3“Quicken your tune, O im­pro­vise be­fore/ The com­bine and the dig­ger come . . . ” Which Irish poet, who died this year, was warn­ing the corn­crake? 4A

piece of yel­low rock, picked up on Killiney strand, had a smell “like resin or some­thing soapy”. What was it? 5A

Siberian storm washed up marine life on the east coast late last win­ter/early spring, in­clud­ing oc­to­puses and squat lob­sters. What was its name? 6Fields

of tall mis­cant­hus are a po­ten­tial biomass crop; to which plant fam­ily does it be­long? 7NOAA

, the US fed­eral agency, keeps track of At­lantic hur­ri­canes. What is its full name? 8Which

whale in Irish wa­ters was called the “her­ring hog”: (a) minke (b) hump­back or (c) fin? 9Which

Irish bird of prey de­tects ro­dents on the ground from urine that scent-marks their run­ways? 10“Pterido­ma­nia” was a Vic­to­rian craze for col­lect­ing what from the wild? 11What

is the in­ter­na­tion­ally used name for a lentil-like plas­tic raw ma­te­rial pol­lut­ing global oceans? 12Which

com­mon but­ter­fly (right), in poet Robert Graves’s opin­ion “Will never now, it is too late/ Master the art of fly­ing straight . . . ”? 13Found

un­der the leaves of which com­mon weed, a mass of small black cater­pil­lars will ma­ture as pea­cock but­ter­flies? 14Egg

cases of elas­mo­branchs such as nurse­hound and un­du­late ray have which com­mon name? 15Fresh­wa­ter

fish­ery re­search finds “a pro­found shift in the diet of pike in Irish lakes”. Are they eat­ing (a) tench (b) roach or (c) dace? 16Who

thinks that “The Earth, our home, is be­gin­ning to look like an im­mense pile of filth in many parts of the planet”? 17Does

a mala­col­o­gist study (a) snails (b) mus­sels or (c) squid? 18Ir­ish

sea an­glers are barred from catch­ing which ocean species that Hem­ing­way called “the king of all fish”? 19Lat­est

ex­pert opin­ion es­ti­mates Ire­land’s rab­bit pop­u­la­tion at (a) 10 mil­lion (b) 13 mil­lion or (c) 18 mil­lion? 20Eye on Na­ture read­ers pho­tographed which bright-red alien in­sect on a sword-leaved gar­den plant? 21Ya­con, a new veg­etable for al­lot­ments, yields crops of (a) beans (b) leaves or (c) tu­bers? 22Fly, bee and frog arekinds of which Irish wild­flower? 23Which is Ire­land’s com­mon­est breed­ing seabird? 24Which sub­stance makes up hu­man fin­ger­nails, ker­atin or chitin? 25Which mol­lusc has been re­lo­cated in Cork to make way for a dual-car­riage­way? 26Which ur­ban weed­killer has fallen out of favour for spray­ing around man­holes and traf­fic signs? 27This au­tumn brought ap­pear­ances of earth­stars; in which plant fam­ily? 28Tiny spi­ders ex­ude a thread to take them fly­ing; what is it called? 29Which Govern­ment Min­is­ter is in charge of na­ture con­ser­va­tion? 30Which species of cetacean swam up the Lif­fey in Novem­ber? 31The web­site bi­ol­ogy.ie adds sight­ings of wildlife killed on roads. A to­tal of 1,876 so far this year is for (a) bad­gers (b) hedge­hogs or (c) ot­ters? 32Which kind of mam­mal makes up al­most a third of Ire­land’s land mam­mal fauna? (a) rats (b) cats or (c) bats 33REM sleep is when birds and an­i­mals dream; what are its signs? 34Velella velella is a small blue jel­ly­fish with a ver­ti­cal fin on top. What is its com­mon name? 35About 240,000 At­lantic salmon re­turned to Irish rivers last year. What fig­ure was es­ti­mated as a peak in the 1970s: (a) 400,000 (b) 700,000 or (c) 1,800,000? 36Marks­men were em­ployed in Co Cork a year ago to shoot es­caped river-dwelling ro­dents, once val­ued for fur but im­ported for a pet farm. Were they (a) muskrats (b) coy­pus or (c) beavers? 37Which male marine crea­ture, of equine as­so­ci­a­tion, nurses its young in a pouch? 38What is the name for an un­der­ground, wa­ter-bear­ing mass of rock that acts as a reser­voir? 39Which na­tive Irish game bird, re­duced to scarcity, is be­ing re­stored in a bog­land breed­ing project miles from the near­est pear tree? 40“Do pee on the com­post heaps – it adds ni­tro­gen.” An in­junc­tion to his gar­den­ers from which ami­able for­eign prince?

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