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1. Una Mullally: Time to call out Fine Gael’s shirking on abortion

2. Fintan O’Toole: The lesson of Irish politics is keep calm and carry on corruptly

3. Breda O’Brien: British bombing of Syria does not meet test for a ‘just war’

4. Conor O’Mahony: NI abortion ruling unlikely to affect Republic

5. Eamonn McCann: Cameron latest prime minister in thrall to the jingo-warriors

6. Sinn Fein not committed to an anti-austerity left wing government

7. Michael Barron: No child should be excluded from local school over faith

8. Stephen Collins: Labour can defy the prophets of doom

9. Gerry Thornley: IRFU powerless in relation to ‘Help for Heroes’ jersey

10.Harry McGee: Bertie Ahern and the long winding road to rehabilita­tion

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